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The quiet and cosy peninsula Helnæs is famous for its beautiful and unspoiled nature.


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The peninsular is situated in the Little Belt and is connected to western Funen by a small dam. Helnæs lies about 20 km south of Assens. From more places on the peninsular you can enjoy the view of both Funen and Als. Helnæs has been inhabited since the stone age and the peninsular is rich in cultural sights. The idyllic and varied landscape makes Helnæs an ideal holiday destination if you wish to fish, swim, observed the rich animal life of the peninsula, walk or cycle in the nature. The town Helnæs By offers shopping possibilities and more restaurants.

The peninsular Helnæs is connected with South Funen through a road Coastal stretch with small bays and clear water on the peninsular Helnæs Small boats on the water off the shore in Helnæs The cosy and charming inn, Helnæs Kro


A number of good bathing beaches are available on Helnæs. The water is often shallow, and therefore the beaches are suitable for children. One of the most popular beaches is 'Feddet'. Equally is the beach 'Helnæs Made' a really good bathing beach.


The quite unique and very scenic landscape is an experience in itself on Helnæs. The 3 most significant nature areas are 'Bobakkerne', 'Helnæs Made' and 'Feddet'. The hilly area 'Bobakkerne' lies right by the dam and seems like a large bank. In the summer time it is covered in colourful flowers. From the hills you can enjoy a panoramic view of the area and the sea. West of the town Helnæs By you will find 'Helnæs Made', a large preserved salt meadow area with wading birds, bird of preys and orchids. 'Feddet' is a large beach common with a lovely bathing beach on the western side of Helnæs. Furthermore, Helnæs has more forest areas and a rich animal life.


The fishing opportunities are really good along the shores of Helnæs. The fishing spots by the dam and by the lighthouse 'Helnæs Fyr' are especially recommendable. The waters outside Helnæs offer good conditions for windsurfing. The varying and tempting nature of Helnæs with i.a. coast, forest, salt meadows and viewpoints invites walks and bicycle trips.

Worth a visit

The peninsula offers an antique shop and more galleries. On the hills, south of 'Maden', you can observe no less than five historic grave mounds from the stone age. The 28 metres high lighthouse 'Helnæs Fyr' is situated by 'Linde Hoved', right out to the Little Belt, and a visit can be arranged. The area is rich in manor houses, f.x. 'Wedellsborg', 'Krengerup Slot', 'Brahesborg' and 'Hagenskov Slot' just to mention a few. By Ebberup, 14 km from Helnæs By, you can visit the mediaeval castle 'Hagenskov', where it is possible to enter an old dungeon.

Excursion spots

Assens is an 800-years old marked town with Denmark's most beautiful street. In the charming and very well-preserved town centre you will find merchant's houses and gable house in timber frames. But Assens also has modern buildings, shops and a cosy marina (20 km). In the forest grounds in Assens you can walk around the forest lake or play chess on the large outdoor chessboard. 'Frydenlund Fuglepark' by Tommerup is a lovely nature park with 700 birds from the whole world, waterhole, aviaries and a 2 km long walking path, leading you under large old trees and out on the open savannah (33 km). Visit the home town of H.C. Andersen, Odense, a modern and evocative town with a number of leisure potentialities (47 km).



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