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When you spend your holiday in a holiday home on the island Avernakø you will find peace and quiet, lovely nature and relaxing island atmosphere.


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The unspoiled and very scenic island Avernakø is app. 6 km2 large and is located in the South Funen Archipelago, just half an hour sail from Fåborg. Avernakø consists of 2 islands; Avernak and Korshavn, which are connected by a dam. Here you will find well-situated holiday homes, cosy island atmosphere, peace, quiet and unspoiled nature. Avernakø is especially famous for its population of rare fire-bellied toads, its many good fishing spots along the shore, its bird cherry trees, its maypole as well as its prehistoric finds. In 1685 the islanders found 6 gold bowls, which today are exhibited at the national museum. On Avernakø you will find 2 cosy marinas, a well-assorted grocery shop, an eatery and more sights. A holiday in a holiday home on Avernakø is ideal for anglers, nature lovers and everyone, who wishes to gear down completely!



At the spot Nakke Odde, all the way towards east, you will find a wide and child-friendly sandy beach. By Revkrogen, south of Nakke Odde, you will find another sandy beach, but here the water is deeper. Furthermore, you can swim at the beach Munke Strand, on the northern coast of Avernak, which is a child-friendly bathing beach. By the ferry harbour and marina you will also find a really good and sandy beach with a bathing jetty.


Avernakø’s largest attraction is the hilly and beautiful nature with a rich animal and bird life. The nature is unspoiled, very hilly and characterized by fields, bogs, woodlands and marshes. In many places you can enjoy the view of the sea from the high hills. You can also enjoy the scenic nature in the wetlands near the lake Hovedsøen and the ferry harbour. The island is especially characterized by its rare fire-bellied toad, which live in the waterholes and the village ponds. Right now, the population is app. 150 toads. Listen when they croak during the summer months. Furthermore, you can experience many pheasants and hares here. By Avernak Hoved, just south of the sandy beach and the marina, you will find a breeding area for birds, which is closed for visitors during the breeding season, from 1st March to 15th July. On Avernakø you can experience interesting birds like kestrels and marsh harriers.


When you spend your holiday in a holiday home on Avernakø, you can be active in the unspoiled nature surroundings. The 19 km long coast of the island offers many good fishing spots, where you can catch fish like sea trout, cot, garfish and flatfish. You can fish year round, but if you prefer sea trout, the fishing is best during spring and autumn. Furthermore, nature invites hikes and bicycle rides in the unique surroundings. On the website of Avernakø, tom693.wix.com/avernak, you can find a map with different suggestions for hikes on the island. On Avernakø you can enjoy the sight of the rare bird cherry tree. And you can see a maypole, which is only present here and on the island Strynø, and which is the gathering point for the islanders each Whit Saturday.

Worth a visit

Experience the 6 gold bowls with sun symbols, which were found on Avernakø in 1685, is exhibited at the national museum today. But you can see copies of the famous prehistoric finds in the church Avernakø Kirke, which originates from the year 1536. The church is open every day year round. The farm shop Avernakø Geder has been established in the former school, and here you buy products from goats and rabbits as well as stoneware jars, spoons, made out of goat horns, jam, juice and much more. In the old smoke house, Korshavns gamle røgeri, you can buy delicious smoked fish for the lunch table. Furthermore, Avernakø offers numerous nature sights, like e.g. a preserved bird sanctuary.

Excursion spots

When you stay in a holiday home on Avernakø, you can sail with the ferry, fee of charge, to the nearby island Lyø, which, just like Avernakø, is an idyllic little nature pearl in the South Funen Archipelago. Here you can e.g. see an interesting exhibition at Lyø Maritime Museum. In connection with your holiday in a holiday home on Avernakø, you cannot avoid a visit to Faaborg. Take your time to explore this cosy, south Funen town. Faaborg offers an idyllic market town environment with cobbled streets, beautiful lopsided town houses, old merchant houses and a charming harbour. Experience sights like the prison exhibition Fåborg Arrests fængselsudstilling, the miniature town Fåborg Miniby, the art museum Fåborg Museum for Fynsk Malerkunst, the beautiful merchant house ’Den Voigtske Gård’, the manor house Brahetrolleborg and the castle Hvedholm Slot. Furthermore, you will find good shopping opportunities and many restaurants in Fåborg.



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