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Sødring is situated on the northern coast of the inlet 'Randers Fjord', right where the inlet mouths into the Kattegat.


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The small village lies on a hill and is surrounded by a scenic tidal area with a rich bird life. In town you will also find 2 galleries, a church and a manor house. The holiday house area of Sødring is called 'Skallehusene' and situated right by the mouth of the inlet. You will find bathing beach, restaurants and shops with groceries only a few km from Sødring. Just south of the town, one of Denmark's smallest car ferries takes you over the inlet to the cosy fishing hamlet Udbyhøj. Around Randers an on Djursland you will find leisure activities and good excursion spots for the whole family.



Right outside Sødring the coast is a shallow bird area. About one kilometre out in the water, behind the sand bars, the water gets deeper and offers very good bathing possibilities. About 10 km south of Sødring, the beach of St. Sjørup is situated. The fine bathing beach by the Kattegat has Blue Flag. The water is shallow, which makes the beach very suitable for children. 9 km further towards east, you will find the beach of Lystrup, which also offer a lovely, sandy bottom, shallow water and Blue Flag.


The landscape, surrounding Sødring, is unique. The game preserve 'Sødring Vildtreservat' is a scenic, 38 hectares large tidal area with an amazingly rich and interesting bird life. This place is also the breeding place for many different types of birds. The water does not get deep until 1 km out behind the sand bars, and therefore the area is a very good and natural playground for small children. Further north, by the inlet 'Mariager Fjord', you can walk in the large salt meadows and the vigorous forest areas. Along the inlet it is possible to follow the paths on foot or bicycle. The forest 'Rold Skov' and the national park 'Rebild Bakker' is a large area of scenic nature with undulating terrain, forest lakes, varying forest, a rich animal life and many walking paths.


Anglers have good opportunities for a haul in the inlet, in the Kattegat and in the streams and Put & Take fishponds of the area. It is possible to rent boats in the area. The good currents in the inlet 'Randers Fjord' provide you with optimal fishing possibilities. The golf course of `Norddjursland Golfklub¿ by Allingåbro is the closest course, but the scenic courses of 'Kalø Golf Club' and 'Randers Golf Klub' are also recommendable. The interesting nature area, surrounding Sødring, invites walks and bicycle trips in the lovely surroundings.

Worth a visit

The beautiful estate 'Sødringholm Gods' from the year 1240 is situated right by the church of Sødring from the year 1250, which contains much beautiful fresco. The small town also offers 2 interesting galleries, which shows varying exhibitions. By Udbyhøj, on the other side of the inlet, you will find a historic redoubt installation from the English War in the beginning of the 19th. century. The installation is situated in a scenic landscape and the entrance is free. By Havndal, a few km north of Sødring, you can see the mill 'Lyshøj Mølle' from the year 1894. The mill is still functioning and all 4 floors are open to visitors. The beautiful estate 'Overgård Gods' from the years 1545-1547 is situated in the same area. However, the estate can only be observed from the outside. At the nature centre 'Naturcenter Randers Fjord' by Voer Færgested, about 10 km from Udbyhøj, you can learn about life in and around the inlet 'Randers Fjord' - and participate in the activities yourselves.

Excursion spots

Experience the idyllic old marked town Mariager. The town is famous for its inlet, its roses, the old, lopsided half-timbered houses and the cobbled streets. Here you will also find 'Danmarks Saltcenter' - the only tourist attraction in Scandinavia with the raw material salt as theme (29 km). In the 'rain forest' Randers Regnskov you can experience jungle paths, rocks, crocodiles and waterfalls. Randers Regnskov lives up to its name (29 km). In the viking centre 'Fyrkat' by the inlet 'Mariager Fjord' you will find activities and sights, which bring you about 1,000 years back in time and illustrate life on one of the greatest viking castle of that age. 'Fyrkat Møllegård' is a preserved half-timbered farm with a more than 200 years old watermill (44 km). The amusement park 'Djurs Sommerland' by Nimtofte is a fun and interesting experience for the whole family. When the entry has been paid, you can make use of all activities for free.



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