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Skødshoved is situated on the south-western part of Djursland with a view of the bay 'Århus Bugt' and the cove 'Kalø Vig'.


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Surrounded by the bay of Århus, the nature area 'Mols Bjerge', the cosy villages and interesting sights of Djursland, you will find Skødshoved on the south-western part of Djursland - directly opposite Århus. By Skødshoved you will find peace and quiet, a lovely nature, one of the most popular bathing beaches on Djursland as well as a small, cosy boating harbour, from which you can go sailing. By the boating harbour benches, tables and bbqs are available, and here you can enjoy the scenic view of the bay of Århus. It is possible to buy groceries in the area.

The holiday homes in Skødshoved are situated on a hillside with a view of the beach and the sea View of the sea from the holiday home area in Skødshoved Well-situated holiday home, right behind the beach, in the holiday area Skødshoved Activities in the evocative marina in Skødshoved


The beach of Skødshoved has Blue Flag and is one of the most famous beaches on Mols. The beach is very suitable for children as it has shallow water and a sandy bottom. Furthermore, an ice cream stall and toilets are available by the beach. The beach is situated right by the cosy boating harbour. The bay of Århus offers good surf conditions.


Skødshoved is situated close to the nature area 'Mols Bjerge', which is a magnificent and preserved nature landscape with a varying nature, a number of walking paths, grave mounds and a rich animal life. Thick forest is replaced by open moorland hills and you can enjoy a great view of Mols, the Kattegat as well as the coves 'Kalø Vig' and 'Ebeltoft Vig' from the viewpoints 'Agri Bavnehøj' (137 m) and 'Trehøje' (127 m). The peninsular Helgenæs is situated just south of Dragsmur. The area is an interesting, scenic and undulating area with more culture-historical memorials. The very undulating terrain of 'Fuglsø Bakker' provides some great views of the Helgenæs and cove 'Ebeltoft Vig'. The landscape, surrounding the cove 'Kalø Vig' offers a number of experiences. You will find many large and beautiful grave mounds in the forest 'Kaløskovene'. A visit to the castle ruin 'Kalø Slotsruin' is also an experience.


A number of golf courses are available in the area, i.a. by Kalø, Ebeltoft and Grenå. Year round anglers will find good fishing opportunities in the Kattegat by Skødshoved and by the southernmost tip of the peninsular Helgenæs. Fishing trips onboard a fishing vessel are arranged from Ebeltoft. During the summer you can go on a sail with the 100 years old vintage ship 'Skødshoved' across the bay to the marina 'Marselisborg Lystbådehavn' from the boating harbour 'Skødshoved Jollehavn'. A few km east of Skødshoved the centre 'Fuglsø Centeret' is situated. Here you can play tennis and beach volley among other things. Lovely nature experiences await you along the many walking, bicycle and bridle paths of the area.

Worth a visit

About 1 km from the boating harbour 'Skødshoved Jollehavn' you will find an interesting workshop with a small museum. In the workshop of the flint smith you can experience the art of the stone age at close range. The museum contains collections of archaeological and geological relics. Near the harbour you will find a small path, leading to the mound 'Basbjerg', from which you can enjoy the great view of the bay 'Århus Bugt'. The old and beautiful estate 'Isgård' is scenically situated on the 'head' of Mols and is definitely worth a visit. Knebel, about 9 km from Skødshoved, offers more interesting galleries as well as the famous cromlech 'Porskær Stenhus'.

Excursion spots

The castle ruin 'Kalø Slotsruin' from the year 1313 is a famous tourist attraction. The ruin is scenically situated right by the cove 'Kalø Vig' and treasures many incredible and interesting stories. In the animal park 'Skandinavisk Dyrepark' you will have genuine nature experiences. From the 250 metres long footbridge you can observe the bears in the amazing bear park (31 km). The amusement park 'Djurs Sommerland' in Nimtofte is a fun and interesting experience for the whole family (38 km). Moat, forest, fields and meadow scenically surround the castle 'Gl. Estrup'. The castle also contains a manor house museum and an agricultural museum (40 km). Visit Århus, the 'capital' of Jutland, with the amusement park 'Tivoli Friheden', the open-air museum 'Den Gamle By', the music house 'Musikhuset', the small and intimate alleys of the Latin Quarter, the cosy pedestrian streets and the lively atmosphere by stream 'Vadestedet' (app. 50 km in car and app. 10 km with boat).



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