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Løvenholm is a beautiful holiday destination on the popular peninsula Djursland. Here you live idyllically in the heart of the forest Løvenholm Skov and you are very close to the fabulous child-friendly beaches, exciting attractions and interesting sights. Løvenholm is an ideal resort for holiday visitors who have an interest in the beautiful Danish sceneries, who like bathing, fishing or experiencing the landscape by bike or on foot. In Løvenholm you also live centrally in relation to the many attractions in Jutland, which can all be reached by car within a 2 hours' drive. The nearest larger towns are Randers (32 km) to the west, Grenaa at Kattegat (25 km) and Århus (48 km) to the south. In these towns you will find good shopping opportunities and restaurants, cafés and sights, and you can buy groceries within a radius of 4 km.



To the north you will find the beaches Fjellerup, St. Sjørup and Lystrup, all of them very suitable for bathing and water activities (approx. 15 km). To the east, Bønnerup and Gjerrild Strand, long sandy beaches with dunes and large unspoilt wasteland (approx. 26 km). If you don’t mind driving a bit further, you should visit Grenå Strand located approx. 27 km from here. This 7-km-long white and sandy beach is one of the finest beaches in Jutland. On the child-friendly Grenå Strand you will find good facilities, clean bathing water and fine-grained beach sand. Find a nice place in the dunes and enjoy the sun! In the cove of Kalø Vig (approx. 27 km) is the sandy beach Følle Strand. This beach is very child-friendly because the water is shallow and the grassy area behind the beach is suitable for plays and activities. From Følle Strand you can dive, windsurf, water and jet ski.


The nature of Djursland is unique with almost all varieties of landscapes in Denmark represented. Djursland is characterized by beautiful forests and inviting beaches, and Djursland is a fantastic holiday destination for those who are interested in Danish nature. Your holiday home is situated in the forest Løvenholm Skov. Here you will find the lake Løvenholm Langsø, which is primarily characterized by moor areas. With its unique flora and fauna it belongs to one of the rare categories of lakes. The lake water in this area is brown, and most lakes and moors, except Løvenholm Langsø, came into being through peat digging in the former raised bog. 40 km from here you will find Mols Bjerge, a magnificent, varied, conservation area with a number of walking tracks and rich animal life, covered with dense forests and open moorland hills. And from the hills Agri Bavnehøj (137 m) and Trehøje (127 m) there is a fabulous view of Mols, Kalø Vig, Ebeltoft Vig and Kattegat.


On Djursland there are several golf courses. Near your holiday home you will find, among other things, Norddjursland Golfklub (17 km), Grenaa Golfklub (21 km) and Kalø Golf Center (27 km). Anglers will find good opportunities on Djursland - whether you fish for cod from a fishing vessel, return with a trout from the sand bar, throw in a line from the beach or catch a pike in a lake. If you need a little help, you might visit e.g. Moesholm - Put & Take, a lake with delicious trouts and eels (13 km). The hilly landscape of Djursland offers good opportunities for walking, biking and riding, and it is possible to rent bicycles and horses in the area. At the nature centre ”Fjordcentret - Voer Færgested” you can rent boats and canoes, feed trouts with flies, play with your children on the large nature playground and enjoy home-baked pastry or aromatic schnapps in the cosy coffee room.

Worth a visit

Just 5 km from you holiday home you will find the famous amusement park Djurs Sommerland. You pay a single admittance fee for free access to all the exciting activities and amusements there. If you are interested in art, the holiday area Løvenholm has something to offer. The two artists in the gallery Pottehuset (7 km) take inspiration from traditional, Danish stoneware and the scenic nature surrounding Pottehuset. 9 km from here at Ryomgård, you will find the gallery Djurslands Galleri og Kunstcenter with varying exhibitions. In the town Ryomgård you can visit the railway museum Djurslands Jernbanemuseum. The manor Gl. Estrup (11 km) is surrounded by a moat, woods, fields and meadows and here you will find the Jutland manor museum Jyllands Herregårdsmuseum and the Danish agricultural museum Dansk Landbrugsmuseum. In the Scandinavian animal park Skandinavisk Dyrepark by Kolind (17 km) you can i.a. experience the bears from a 250 m long footbridge.

Excursion spots

In the Kattegatcentret you can experience the fearful sharks at close range behind a thick glass window (26 km). The ruined castle Kalø Slotsruin, built in 1313, is also a popular tourist attraction. The ruin is scenically situated by the cove of Kalø Vig and is hiding many unbelievable and exciting histories (30 km). The 700-year-old town Ebeltoft, rich on historical sights, is likewise well worth a visit. Take a walk, for example in the old part of the town where the streets are cobbled, and enjoy the lopsided houses and cosy small shops. You can combine the outing to Ebeltoft with a tour to the zoo Ree Park -- Ebeltoft Safari. In this zoo you can experience animals from 4 different continents in their 'natural environment'. Likewise, in Ebeltoft you will find the frigate Fregatten Jylland, the largest wooden warship in the world (50 km).



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