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The idyllic fishing hamlet Vang is situated by the north-western coast of Bornholms, directly by the Baltic Sea.


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The small town Vang is lies almost hidden by the foot of a large coastal hill. Vang is famous for its cosy and quiet harbour and its old watermill from the beginning of the century, which is now beautifully restored. The many small quarries of the area bear witness of the fact that Vang is an old centre of quarrying. From Vang a pretty nature path leads along the cliffs to 'Jons Kapel', which is a rugged group of rocks, and further onto 'Hammershus' - the largest castle ruin in Northern Europe. The closest larger towns with shopping possibilities and restaurants are Allinge and Hasle.

The small harbour town, Vang, on the west coast of Bornholm, with the castle ruin, Hammershus, in the background The small, sheltered and sandy beach, which has been places at the end of Vang Pier, south of Vang The harbour of the former fishing hamlet, Vang, on the hilly west coast of Bornholm The charming town Vang is surrounded by forest and is located at the foot of a steep slope


There is no beach directly by Vang, as the steep rocky slopes towards the water are up to 30 m high. However, you can swim by the beach of Sandvig, 8 km towards north-east, or by the beach of Hasle, 9 km towards south. The north coast of Bornholm and the area, surrounding Sandvig, are characterized by rocky coast, but right by Sandvig you will find a lovely sandy bathing beach with a bathing jetty. On the wide beach it is possible to swim, sunbathe and play ball. It is also a very popular activity to jump into the water from the cliffs around the beach. Just south of Hasle you will find a lovely, long sandy beach with ideal bathing conditions. The wide westerly beach is also worth a visit by sunset.


The nature in and around Vang is undulating and characterized by bushes, heather and pieces of rock. The unspoiled, peaceful and scenic landscape 'Ringebakkerne' is situated just south of Vang. Here you can experience the dramatic rocks, rift valleys, forests, small lakes and a beautiful view of the castle ruin 'Hammershus' and in clear weather all the way to the southern coast of Scania in Sweden. By the picturesque stretch of rocky coast you will also find the beautiful and vigorous rift valley 'Blåskinsdal', which is a unique area with Bornholm 'primeval forest' and a rainforest-like waterfall by the coast. Close to Vang the beautiful nature forest 'Slotslyngen' with i.a. the interesting bird cliff 'Mulekleven' is situated. By 'Helliddomsklipperne' between Gudhjem and Allinge you can experience rugged rock formations, large rocky caves and viewpoints. In the lovely forest 'Hasle Lystskov' you can enjoy the rich bird life and more large lakes.


The unique, scenic and undulation nature invites walks or bicycle trips in the area. If you fancy rock climbing, rock hiking or bird observation, Vang is also an ideal holiday destination. Anglers have good possibilities from the shore, from the rocks, in the streams of the area, in the lake 'Hammersøen' or on the sea, onboard a motorboat, which departs from the harbour of Sandvig. Bornholm has 3 18-hole golf courses, from which the course of 'Nordbornholms Golf Klub' by Gudhjem is the closest. From 'Hammerhavnen', right below 'Hammershus', you can go on a sail along the shore and experience the magnificent cliffs from the seaward side.

Worth a visit

If you follow the path 'Kyststien' towards south, you will arrive in the 2 romantic fishing hamlets Helligpeder and Teglkås. The scenically situated castle ruin 'Hammershus' is the most popular sight in Bornholm. The castle was abandoned around the year 1745 and fell into ruins after that. Today the ruins are a preserved relic and a sight in a class of its own (7 km). Visit the cosy town of Sandvig, which is scenically situated in the bay 'Sandvigbugten' and characterized by old, well-preserved half-timbered houses, stone fences and a small evocative harbour (8 km). In the quarry museum 'Moseløkkens Stenbrudsmuseum' you can see how the granite is being processed and follow the development of this trade throughout the years (8 km). One of the most characteristic smokehouses in Bornholm is 'Hasle Silderøgeri', which is a famous museum-smokehouse, where fish are still smoked according to the old and traditional method in open chimneys (9 km).

Excursion spots

The round churches are the landmarks of Bornholm. The characteristic and whitewashed churches, which are more than 800 years old, have served as defence, storage of supplies and as church houses. The 4 most famous churches are: Østerlars, Olsker, Nylars and Nyker. 'Oluf Høst Museum' has been established in the home of the artist in Gudhjem, and here you can experience his paintings. In Gudhjem you will also find the art museum 'Bornholms Kunstmuseum' with works of famous Bornholm painters and craftsmen. 'Bornholms Middelaldercenter' in Gudhjem is a historic experience centre. The live environment from the Middle Ages (the period 1350-1450) contains living-quarters, a water mill, a forge and a fortified castle mounds (21 km). 'JOBOLAND Brændesgårdshaven' by Svaneke is a popular nature and amusement park for the whole family with i.a. rowboats, aerial cableway, climbing frames, minigolf, bowling, wooden cars, monkeys, goats and a large water world (35 km).



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