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Stammershalle is a quiet and cosy holiday area in very scenic surroundings on the northern part of Bornholm


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Stammershalle is situated by the north-eastern shore of Bornholm - right opposite the island Christiansø and along one of Bornholm's most scenic stretches between Allinge and Gudhjem. Here you can experience an open rock terrain along the sea and more culture-historical monument, e.g. three characteristic monoliths and more grave grounds from the bronze and iron age. Equally, Stammershalle is situated close to the scenic nature areas 'Helligdomsklipperne' and 'Døndalen' with the waterfall 'Døndalsfaldet'. It is possible to dine at the cosy seaside hotel 'Stammershalle Badehotel'. You can buy groceries in Tejn (3 km). In Allinge (6 km) and Gudhjem (8 km) you will find shops, restaurants and sights. Stammershalle is an ideal holiday area for culture and nature lovers, and within a short distance you can visit charming fishing villages, smokehouses, round churches, nature areas and tourist attractions for the whole family.



Rocks characterize the coast by Stammershalle towards the Baltic, and when you wish to swim, you can make use of the bathing stairs, which lead directly down to the tempting water. Because of the cliff the bathing water is calm and sheltered from the westerly wind. If you wish to swim by a sandy beach, you can visit Sandvig Strand, a few km north of Allinge. The child-friendly beach has fine sand, a sandy bottom and shallow water. By Dueodde, on the southern tip of Bornholm, you will find the beach Østersøstranden, which is a wonderful, wide and chalk-white sandy beach. The beach is very suitable for children, as the water is shallow by the edge. The slightly shelving bottom has a number of sand bars and the water is clear (40 km).


Stammershalle is surrounded by the Baltic, cliffs and scenic nature areas, f.x. 3 high monoliths and the 2 fabled forests 'Troldeskoven' and 'Elverhøj'. Just 2 km south of Stammershalle the cliffs 'Helligdomsklipperne' are located. A stairway leads down through a deep gorge, and the rugged cliff formations in the water create dramatic scenery. This area is rich in interesting caves and grottos. Here you will also find the valley 'Døndalen' with a stream, which forms a 25 m high waterfall 'Døndalsfaldet' in the spring. 'Rutsker Højlyng' is another very scenic area with cliffs, forest, streams and a lake, 3 km from Stammershalle. Almindingen ¿ an idyllic and varying forest in a highland with e.g. ponds and small lakes, is located in the centre of Bornholm. This is one of the most beautiful forest in Denmark, and here you will find the 12 km long rift valley 'Ekkodalen' as well as 'Rytterknægten' ¿ the highest spot on Bornholm (162 m).


The lovely rocky or sandy beaches of Bornholm invite all kinds of water and beach activities. Bornholm dispose of no less than 4 golf courses, and no more than 3 km from Stammershalle you will find the club Rø Golfklub, which offers a scenic, distinctive and challenging course with rocks and a lake. Anglers can fish both from the shore and on the sea. Furthermore, Bornholm contains more Put & Take fishponds. If you fancy rock climbing or bird observation, Bornholm is also an ideal holiday destination. Follow f.x. the path, which leads from Sandkås to Allinge across the granite cliffs along the coast. The many marked bridle, walking and bicycle paths provide you with good possibilities of experiencing the scenic nature landscape and some of the rare sights of the island.

Worth a visit

The art museum 'Bornholms Kunstmuseum' is situated by Helligdomsklipperne. Here you can admire works of famous Bornholm painters as well as theme exhibitions with art, design and handicraft (2 km). Allinge offers e.g. an evocative harbour with a smokehouse, where you can taste the freshly smoked food, and old streets with merchant's houses (6 km). Gudhjem is characterized by its small, cosy harbours, steep streets, picturesque half-timbered houses, smokehouses, artists, galleries, active workshops and an exotic atmosphere (8 km). 'Oluf Høst Museum' in Gudhjem is an art museum, where the painter's life is carried on in his own home. 'Bornholms Middelaldercenter' in Gudhjem is a historic experience centre with people, animals, houses, water mills and a fortified castle mounds. Here you get an impression of the farm life in the period 1350-1450. The characteristic, whitewashed round churches are the landmarks of Bornholm. The 4 most famous are: Østerlars, Olsker, Nylars and Nyker.

Excursion spots

Hammershus is an impressive, old castle from around the year 1250, and the ruin rises from a steep rock hillock on the most northern tip of Bornholm. Hammershus is the largest castle ruin in Northern Europe and definitely worth a visit (11 km). 'JOBOLAND Brændesgårdshaven' in Svaneke is a former farm, but today a popular nature and amusement park with a unique profusion of flowers and numerous attractions (22 km). NaturBornholm in Åkirkeby is an experience centre, which tells the story of Bornholm's nature. Experience f.x. models of dinosaurs, live crocodiles, sense room and a time machine (24 km). In Nexø you will find more museums, e.g. the childhood home of the writer Martin Andersen Nexø, a museum of fishery and shipping 'Nexø fiskeri- og søfartsmuseum' and the butterfly park 'Bornholms Sommerfuglepark & Tropeland' (27 km).



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