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Snogebak on the east coast of Bornholm is a very popular holiday area. Here you will find a lovely and child-friendly beach, scenic nature, a charming town with a small harbour, a smoke house as well as great and well-situated holiday home. Look forward to a successful family holiday in a holiday home in Snogebak on Denmark''s rocky island Bornholm.


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In the cosy and quiet village Snogebak you will find a vivid harbour and fishing environment. Snogebæk offers good shopping possibilities and more restaurants. Among other things the area has a number of smoke houses, where you can smell or taste the various fish specialities of the island. The holiday houses are situated right outside the village, in the plantations by the sea. Holiday home rental in Snogebak can easily be combined with bringing your dog on your holiday, as we offer many holiday homes here, where your dog is welcome.

A summer day on the lovely bathing beach with shallow child-friendly water in Snogebæk Shallow and child-friendly water by the beach in Snogebæk Cosy atmosphere in the centre of Snogebæk The long pier in Snogebæk, which has a small harbour and a sea bath at the end


The beach by Snogebæk is a mixture of sand and grass, and the water is shallow. However, the beach is surrounded by 2 of the best beaches in Bornholm. The beach ''Balka Strand'' is sheltered from the westerly wind, and with its shallow water and the sandy bottom, it is very suitable for children. It is possible to rent water cycles, deck chairs and surf equipment here. During the high season, lifeguards keep an eye out for the bathers on the beach. A slope leads from the ice-cream stall down to the waters edge, and makes it possible to bring a perambulator and a wheel chair to the beach. The beach by Dueodde is magnificent, wide, chalk-white and suitable for children. The slightly shelving bottom has a number of sand bars and the water is clear. Windsurfing is a very popular activity by the beach of Dueodde.


During your holiday in a holiday home you can go on many excursions in nature. Paradisbakkerne by Nexo is an undulating rock landscape with a number of walking paths. Experience the rift valleys, the heathery raised bogs, the boulders and the peculiar vegetation of the area. Almindingen, east of Ronne and north of Aakirkeby, is the fifth largest forest in the country. It is a scenic and varying forest in a highland with i.a. ponds and small lakes. Here you will also find Rytterknagten, the highest point in the island (162 m). On the northern part of the island, by the fabulous nature area Hammerknuden, the scenic rocky coast, the rift valleys, the waterfalls and the rocky caves will impress you. By Helliddomsklipperne between Gudhjem and Allinge steps lead you down through a deep gorge. Rugged rock formations in the water create dramatic sceneries. More caves conceal in this area. North-west of here lays the valley Dondalen with a stream, which creates a 25 m high waterfall Dondalsfaldet every spring.


You will find a number of marked paths on the island, which can be followed on foot, on bicycle or on a horseback. Lovely opportunities for being active and enjoying nature during your holiday in a holiday home. Anglers will find it natural to fish directly from the shore by Snogebak, but the possibilities are also good on the see or in one of the fishponds or streams of the island. In Dueodde, only a few km from Snogebak, you will find a lovely seaside golf course. It is also possible to play minigolf and tennis in the area.

Worth a visit

Experience the local artists when they work in their glass factories, workshops and galleries. And you can have an extra experience during your holiday in a holiday home, when you watch as the art is being made. A stroll through the old streets of the town leads you by the beautiful houses with thatched roofs. In Nexo, a few km north of Snogebak, you will find more museums, i.a. the childhood home of Martin Andersen Nexø or the museum of fishing and shipping Nexø fiskeri- og søfartsmuseum. It is also possible to enjoy a day in the tropical butterfly park Bornholms Sommerfuglepark & Tropeland in Nexo. JOBOLAND Brændesgårdshaven in Svaneke is a former farm, but today a popular nature and amusement park with a unique profusion of flowers and numerous attractions (14 km). NaturBornholm in Aakirkeby informs of the nature of Bornholm - right from the origination in the glowing lava 1.7 billion years ago (18 km).

Excursion spots

''Bornholms Middelaldercenter'' in Gudhjem is a historic experience centre. The live environment from the Middle Ages (the period 1350-1450) contains living-quarters, a water mill, a forge and a fortified castle mounds (28 km). The art museum ''Bornholms Kunstmuseum'' in Gudhjem exhibits works of famous Bornholm painters and shows theme exhibitions with art, design and handicraft (28 km). Experience Rønne, the ''capital'' of Bornholms, with its old, beautiful half-timbered houses, music, theatre, shopping possibilities and restaurants. During the summer the harbour buzzes with atmosphere. Marked days are arranged and you can by local handicraft (33 km). Hammershus is an impressive old castle from the year 1250, which rises from a steep rock hillock on the northern tip of Bornholm (45 km). The round churches are the landmarks of Bornholm. The characteristic whitewashed churches have served as defence, storage of supplies and as church houses.



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