Zoos, Denmark

Denmark offers many kinds of zoos. Here you can experience f.x. mini zoos with a few animals, which can often be cuddled, large zoos with many different animals from all continents, animal parks with a certain kind of animal as the theme, like f.x. bears, crocodiles, butterflies and parrots, as well as large animal parks, where you can go on safari in your own car or with a bus among the free-range animals from exotic countries. Furthermore, you can visit buffalo and deer farms, eagle sanctuaries, nature reserves with red deer, farms with an old domestic stock as well as a rain forest, terrariums or other tropical facilities, which are inhabited by exotic animals, which are comfortable in the humid and warm environments. In the fresh and salt-water aquariums you can admire all sorts of interesting fish, seals and sharks, touch crabs and other sea animals, and watch as they are being feed.

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Zoos, Denmark

AQUA Akvarium og Dyrepark

Welcome to AQUA - a pearl of family experiences!

Blåvand Zoo

A cosy zoo with both domestic and exotic animals

Bornholms Sommerfuglepark og Tropeland

Brilliantly coloured butterflies in a roofed nature park in Nexø

Den Blå Planet

Visit Northern Europe's largest aquarium in a spectacular building near Copenhagen.

Falkoneriet Møns Klint

Fascinating location, beautiful falcons and falcon chases at the top of Møn

Frydenlund Fuglepark

Hundreds of birds from all over the world

Givskud Zoo

Go on safari in your own car and come close to wild animals from the whole world


80 different species of animals and birds near Lintrup

Guldborgsund Zoo og Botanisk Have

Animals from the whole world in an inviting park

Jyllands Park Zoo

A paradise for children in Videbæk

Knuthenborg Safaripark

Visit one of Scandinavia’s greatest safari parks.

Krokodille Zoo

Experience all crocodile species of the world under the same roof - in Eskildstrup on Falster

Minidyrehaven Ribelund

A cosy excursion spot, where you can come close to the animals

Munkholm Zoo

Munkholm Zoo is a cosy zoo at the children's level.

Nordsjællands Fuglepark

Experience beautiful, colourful and rare birds from the whole world in North Sealand.

Nordsø Akvariet Vorupør

Nordsø Akvariet takes you to the deep of the ocean

Odense ZOO

Odense Zoo - really, really close!

Odsherreds Zoo Dyrepark

Zoo in a scenic and hilly landscape in Asnæs

Randers Regnskov

Jungle paths, rocks, crocodiles and water falls. Randers Regnskov lives up to its name.

Ree Park Safari

Exciting experiences in the big and beautiful safari park on Djursland - on the terms of the animals.

Skandinavisk Dyrepark

Experiences for everyone

Skærup Zoo

Get close to the animals in the peaceful park near Børkop

Terrariet Vissenbjerg - Fyns Minizoo

Scandinavia's largest collection of live reptiles and amphibians from the whole world.

Zoologisk Have

In Copenhagen Zoo you can go exploring among animals from the whole world - from the tropics to the Arctic regions.


Acquaint yourselves in the amazing world under the sound Oresund in Helsingør


Observe the eagles at the sanctuary near Tversted

Aalborg Zoo

Activities and exotic animals in the capital of Northern Jutland