Put and Take ponds, Denmark

A number of large and small fishponds are available in Denmark, and here you can catch f.x. river trouts, rainbow trouts, pikes and eel, which are frequently released in the ponds. Facilities like benches, tables, rubbish bins, toilets, fish cleaning tables, running water, deep freezers, shelters, kiosks, playgrounds, bbq and bonfire places as well as children’s ponds with a shallow depth of water are often available by the ponds. It is often possible to rent fishing gear and buy bait on the spot. Other fishponds offers merely lovely fishing water and scenic surroundings, but all ponds have one thing in common; they are situated in harmony with nature. Fishing licences can be obtained on the spot – from a person or by means of self-service. The fishponds are a lovely combination of natural lakes and artificially established lakes. You will often be able to experience a rich bird life around the lakes. Most fishponds are open year round from sunrise to sunset.

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Put and Take ponds, Denmark

Agernæs Saltvandssøer - Put and Take

Denmark's most beautiful salt-water lakes with trout and eel by Ebberup

Anholm Fiskesø

All together 25,000 square metres of fishponds near Gram

Arrild Fiskesø

2 lakes and 17,000 square metres of fishponds by Toftlund

Bakkegårdens Lystfiskeri

In Rødekro you will find lovely surroundings and good amenities

Bakkely Fiskesø

A really cosy fishpond in Brande with good amenities


2 small lakes in idyllically surroundings near Give

Ballerum Lystfiskeri

Good opportunities for a haul - by Hanstholm

Barfods Dam

Bjerrely Fiskesø

A lovely fishpond in very scenic surroundings near Herning

Blokhus Fiskepark

A good fishpond in lovely surroundings with many amenities

Blue Rock Fiskepark

Denmark's largest Put & Take pond - 8 km from Svendborg

Blåhøj Fiskesø

2 lovely fishponds and many good amenities in Brande

Bogense Lystfiskersø

Scenic fishpond with a central location

Bregnholm Mølle Put and Take

Cosy forest lake, abounding in fish, between Tørring and Brædstrup

Broeng Fiskepark

Large and lovely fishpond with amenities in Oksbøl by the bay 'Ho Bugt'

Brynshøj Sø

The lake Brynshøj Sø is situated in lovely nature in Højby

Bækhuse Fiskesø

Cosy fishpond near Outrup with many amenities, which are suitable for children

Bækmarksbro Put and Take

Here you can fish and enjoy the great nature all at once

Bøvling Put and Take

Here you can have good fishing and nature experiences all at once

Christianshøj Put and Take

A lovely fishpond in quiet and green surroundings near Kjellerup

Drive-In Put and Take

Fishing pond near Lynge on North Sealand with exceptionally clear water

Dvergetved Søpark

Fishpond near Sindal on sea floor from the Stone Age

Dyringkær Put and Take

The best fishing water in Haderslev

Egen Mølle

Small and cosy Put & Take fishpond near Nordborg, which is abounding in fish

Ellemose Put and Take

Fishpond with entirely new amenities - 7 km from Lemvig

Engholm Lystfiskersø

Fishpond in a preserved river valley near Kjellerup between Viborg and Silkeborg

Fahlbæk Sø Put and Take

Former branch of a river - today a Put & Take fishpond near Skjern

Falster Golf og Event Club

Angling in the lovely lakes of the estate Skjørringe near Eskilstrup

Favstrup Put and Take

A lake, abounding in fish, in lovely nature surroundings near Christiansfeld

Filskov Lystfiskersø

Combine fishing and minigolf in Grindsted near Billund

Foersum Teglværkssø

One of Denmark's best trout ponds is situated in Tarm

Fredensborg Ørredfiskeri

Trouts and fly-fishing

Frueskov Lystfiskersø

Fishpond by inlet Flensburg Fjord

Fyns Fiskevand

Fish in large quantities - south of Odense

Fårbæk Put and Take

Lovely fishpond near Karup

Givskud Lystfiskesø

Modern and inviting fishpond

Gl. Laven Fiskesø

Lake near Silkeborg with good fishing opportunities

Grindsted Fiskesø

Angling comfort - 12 km west of Billund

Grumstrup Lystfiskercenter

3 idyllic fishponds - 20 km north of Horsens

Grærup Sø - Put and Take

Large lake, abounding in fish, in scenic settings near Vejers Strand

Grønbæk Put and Take

Fishing trip to 2 ponds - 17 km north of Silkeborg

Gudenådalens Lystfiskersø

Trout pond near Bjerringbro

Gunderup Fiskesø

Disabled-friendly fishpond near Ertebølle and the Liim Fiord

Gølstrup Fiskepark

Put & Take near Løkken

Gøttrup Fiskepark

Scenically situated fishpond between the Liim Fiord and the bay Jammerbugten

Hagelsegård-Ølsted Ørredfiskeri

Trout pond between the lake Arresø and the inlet Roskilde Fjord

Halkær Lystfiskersø

Trout pond - just 28 km from the mediaeval town Aalborg

Harlev Put and Take

2 fishponds with large and tasty trouts, surrounded by the stream Århus Å

Hedensted Put and Take

Thee ponds in Hedensted, which are ajusted according to the needs of the angler

Hemmet Fiskesø

Trout pond near the inlet Ringkøbing Fjord

Herning Fiskepark

Lovely fishponds in very scenic surroundings

Himmerlands Fiskepark

Inviting fishpond by Nibe with a practical lay out


All kinds of fish species in Rødby on Lolland

Hirtshals Fiskepark

Attractive fishpond

Ho Fiskesø

Trouts are released here every day!

Hoby Put and Take

Put & Take near Dannemare on Lolland

Holmens Put and Take

One of Denmark's best Put & Take fishponds is available in Ry

Hovborg Fiskesø

Lovely fish pond with a children’s pond near Hovborg

Hove Put and Take

2 fishponds with natural source near Roskilde

HP's Fiskesø

Lovely situated fishpond with many amenities near Spøttrup


Inviting fishpond near Vordingborg

Hvilested Lystfiskersøer

Scenic fishpond near Kolding

Hvorupgård Fiskesø

Trout fishing in two ponds - 6 km from Aalborg

Højkilde Lystfiskerpark

Cosy fishpond in beautiful surroundings near Kibæk - south of Herning

Højmark Lystfiskersøer

2 fishponds - 9 km from Ringkøbing

Ibjergvejens Put and Take

4 fishponds in an 18,000 square metres nature area about 13 km from Odense

Iglekærsø Put and Take

The fishpond near Toreby on Lolland is sheltered and surrounded by plantation

Jels Søerne

Fishing idyll by the preserved lakes near Rødding

Juelsminde Put and Take

Idyllically situated fishpond in the forest by Juelsminde

Jægerumgård Fiskepark

Fishing idyll near Brovst - between the inlet and the bay Jammerbugten

Karup Å Sø-fiskeri

3 fishponds and a stream near Karup

Klare Sø - Sorte Sø

2 forest lakes in an untouched nature area near Helsingør

Klegod Ørredsø

An angler's paradise between the inlet Ringkøbing Fjord and the North Sea

Klittens Put and Take

Fishpond near Hvide Sande with salt water from the inlet Ringkøbing Fjord

Kløvergaardens Put and Take

Large fishpond in scenic surroundings

Korsgaard Put and Take

Nature pond in green surroundings - 8 km from Nysted on Lolland

Krogs Fiskesøer

2 fishponds with spring water near Bredebro

Krusegård Lystfiskeri

Go fishing with the whole family at the farm Krusegård near Hasle

Kærshovedgård Put and Take

Rainbow trouts - 9 km east of Ikast

Lagunen Fiskepark

Sheltered fishpond between Hals and Hou

Langelands Lystfiskersø

Lake, abounding in fish, in lovely nature surroundings near Humble

Lerbæk Fiskepark

The fishpond is situated close to Frederikshavn as well as the stream Elling Å

Lodbjerg Hede Ørredsø

Trout lake near Ringkøbing - between sea and moor

Lundum Lystfiskersø

2 small trout ponds - in the middle of the forest - near Horsens

Lystfisker Oasen

A threefold angling experience near Silkeborg


I de 2 fiskesøer ved Årre er der gode, naturlige betingelser for fiskene

Lystfiskerparadiset Egtved

Cosy and family friendly fishpond

Lystfiskersøerne ved Fyel Mose

Catch trouts in Østbirk near Horsens

Lystrup Bæk Fiskesø

The fishpond is situated in a varying landscape near Bryrup

Løgtvedgård Put and Take

Beautiful, well-kept trout pond by Svebølle

Løkken Fiskepark

Fish day and night!

Maribo Søndersø

Extraordinarily interesting lake in Maribo

Midtjysk Lystfiskecenter

5 fishponds and 1 stream near Ejstrupholm

Midtthy Fiskepark

The fishpond in Snedsted in an ideal place for both angling and walking

Mjøls Lystfiskeri

2 large fishponds in scenic surroundings near Rødekro

Moesholm - Put and Take

Catch tasty trouts and eel - in the centre of Djursland

Morsø Fiskepark

Catch trouts in the fishpond in Nykøbing M

Mosegaarden, Søndersø

Two fishponds in a scenic nature area

Munkbro Fiskesø

Welcome to the fishpond of the family Morgan in Holstebro

Myrup Fiskepark

Fishpond in the scenic nature of Sealand near Næstved

Nebel Sø Put and Take

Angling in a beautiful scenery - 21 km from Esbjerg

Ny Thorup Fiskepark

5 fishponds at the stream Nørreå near Brønderslev

Nørholm Fiskepark

4 natural fishponds near Aalborg

Nørhoved Put and Take

Fishpond - with different species of fish - in Nørre Snede

Olling Fiskesø

Lovely, family-friendly fishpond near Rødding

Oxriver Fiskepark

Put and take lakes for the whole family

Pinds Mølle Put and Take

Fishponds near the stream Århus Å

Poppelsøens Ørredvand

Angling by a lovely and cosy pond in Ballerup

Poulstrup Ørredfiskeri

Experience angling in harmony with nature near Vrå

Purhus Fiskepark

Fishpond in Fårup near Randers with particularly tasty trouts

Refsgård Lystfiskersøer

Cosy fishpond in the river valley Vejle Ådal

Renbæk Fiskersø

Lovely and very scenically situated fishpond near Skærbæk

Revsbæk Put and Take

Near Hadsund you will find this small fishpond, which is surrounded by forest

Ribe Vesterå

Numerous angling experiences in the stream Ribe Vesterå

Roskilde Fiskeland

125,000 square metres of the purest fishing water

Ræhr Fiskepark

Fishpond near Hanstholm, well stocked with fish

Rødekro Fiskepark

Large fish is our speciality!

Seest Mølle Lystfiskeri

Nice fishpond - 5 km to the west of Kolding

Serritslev Fiskepark

Fishpond in the beautiful river valley Nørreådal near Brønderslev

Silstrup Put and Take

A small pond with many fish in the idyllic Skarrild, just south of Herning

Sinding Lystfiskesø

Fishpond near Herning

Skaven Fiskesø

Family-friendly Put & Take fishpond between Esbjerg and Herning

Skjoldborg Lystfiskersø

Angling - close to the commercial town Thisted

Skovhave Fiskesø

Fishpond near Sjølund

Skyggehale Lystfiskersø

3 good fishponds with good amenities near Silkeborg

Snedsted Fiskepark

'Carpe diem' - seize the day and catch a fish

Solbjerggård Ørredfiskeri

Put & Take fishpond near Denmark's only mountain range in North Sealand

Sorø Søerne

The lakes of Sorø

Spodsbjerg Lystfiskersø

A genuine angler's paradise, just 500 metres from the sea

St. Restrup Fiskesø

Cosy little fishpond near Aalborg

Stakroge Natur og Fiskepark

Fish and enjoy the nature around Stakroge, south of Herning

Stauning Fiskesø

Fishpond near Skjern, suitable for children and disabled persons

Stenbrudssøen Nexø Bornholm

Today, the former quarry is the largest fishpond on Bornholm

Store Rosenbusk Ørredfiskeri

Cosy trout pond near Lynge in North Sealand


Storkesøen near Ribe offers lovely ponds, abounding in fish, and many amenities

Svejstrup Fiskepark

Fishpond with playground in Hadsten

Sydthy Fiskeland

Fishpond in a scenic nature area in Bedsted Thy

Søbyvad Mølle Fiskesø

Fish in a former millpond near Hammel

Søllerød Fiskepark

Fishpond in a conservation area near Holte, which is especially suitable for fly-fishing

Sønderskov Lystfiskersø

A cosy fishing spot near Skjern

Søndervig Put and Take

This idyllic fishpond is particularly suitable for disabled persons

Teglværkssøens Fiskepark - Put and Take

Once a clay pit - today a lovely fishpond near Hadsund

Terkelsbøl Lystfiskeri

Fishpond with a lovely view near Tinglev

Tollundgård Put and Take

Idyllic pond with many different fish species near Silkeborg

Torp Lystfiskersø

Fish and enjoy the lovely view of the river valley Karup Ådal at the same time

Truust Mølle Fiskepark

Fishpond with practical amenities in Fårvang

Tuel Sø

Idyllically located lake near Sorø, surrounded by reed swamp

Tusågård Put and Take

Lovely fishpond near Karup

Tversted Lystfiskeri

Fishpond with a unique water quality

Tystrup-Bavelse Søerne

Two fishponds - 13 km south of Sorø

Uge Lystfiskeri

An eldorado for anglers near Tinglev

Uggerby Å

This stream is abounding in fish and located in scenic surroundings near Hjørring

Vester Mølle Dambrug

Idyllic reservoir with rainbow trouts near Give

Vesterled Put and Take

Fishpond with good amenities near Præstø

Vibholm Ørredsø

Idyllic pond with a large fish stock near Ulfborg

Vile Put and Take

Have a good trout catch in Roslev on Salling

Volstrup Fiskepark

Fishpond with a view near Hobro

Vrads Put and Take

Lovely fishponds in the preserved river valley Salten Ådal

Vrøgum Fiskesø

Fishpond with comfortable amenities near Oksbøl

Øer Maritime Put and Take

A different fishpond in a maritime holiday village near Ebeltoft

Ørsted Ørredvand

Angling opportunities for the whole family near

Øster Ørs Fiskesø

Sheltered pond in an inviting valley near Lemvig

Ågårdens Put and Take

Three lovely trout ponds near Hedensted

Aalsbogaard Lystfiskersøer

3 lovely fishponds in quiet and scenic surroundings by Aarup