Frilandsmuseet, København

At the open-air museum Frilandsmuseet you will find 50 farms, houses and mills from Denmark, the southern part of Sweden, the northern part of Germany as well as the Faroe islands, and most of the buildings are more than 200 years old. Visit the houses, which are all arranged with furniture, kitchen utensils and textiles. See the old living rooms, kitchens, maid's rooms and farm hands' rooms, and inspect the stables, barns and workshops. Sheep, goats, cows and horses graze on the fields in from of the houses, while flowers, fruit trees and old sorts of plants grow in the gardens. During the holiday periods various activities for the whole family are arranged here.

Frilandsmuseet, København

Kongevejen 100

2800 Kongens Lyngby

Tlf: 33134411

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