Open-air museums, Denmark

Open-air museums cover stone age villages, viking villages and harbours, regional farms, old half-timbered houses as well as old town and village communities, which have been reerected or restored and by that appear like in former times. Here you can get acquainted with the peoples living condition during a certain epoch. In order to illustrate the life of the old town communities even better, the open-air museums are vitalized during the school holidays by persons, who are dressed in the old costumes and carry out crafts, agricultural and domestic work - exactly as in the old days. You are often invited to participate in the vitalization and grabble with the old crafts, cooking etc. You are able to see, smell and feel the atmosphere of the intense environment with people, animals, houses, workshops, shops and demonstrations of old work methods, and follow the course of life on a farm, where the work is carried out by means of the original tools - in the house, in the stable and on the fields.

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Open-air museums, Denmark

Andelslandsbyen Nyvang

In the open-air museum in Holbæk the past comes alive

Bangsbo Fort

Interesting and open military area near Frederikshavn

Bork Vikingehavn

Interesting and vitalized viking museum in Bork

Bunkermuseet Hirtshals 10. Batteri

Complete installations from World War 2

Daugbjerg Minilandsby

Authentic village in a miniature scale near Viborg

Dejbjerg Jernalder

Experience life 2000 years ago and the ancestors of the Vikings

Den Fynske Landsby

In Odense you can experience a museum of rural buildings, showing a village environment from 1850

Den Gamle By

Den Gamle By (The Old Town) is a world-class sight and a lively open-air museum, which communicates the Danish history in three eras.

Fredericia Bymuseum

The history of Fredericia in beautiful half-timbered houses


Danish peasant culture throughout the last 200 years in Maribo


Frilandsmuseet, København

In the country - in the middle of the capital

Frilandsmuseet, Museum Midtjylland

Frilandsmuseum Hjerl Hede

The open-air museum in Vinderup is famous for its vitalizations and worth visiting year round

Glud Museum

Open-air museum near Horsens with a farm and workshops

Herregården Hessel

Interesting museum at an idyllically, half-timbered manor horse with thatched roof near Farsø

Hjortsvang Museum

Open-air museum near Tørring, dealing with life in the country throughout the last 200 years

Hvolris Jernalderlandsby

Experience an archaeological area with iron age life in Bjerregrav near Viborg

Hygum Hjemstavnsgård

Experience the course of the year with agriculture, handicraft and housekeeping near Herning


A reconstructed ancient environment with historic workshops in Odense


Museum and cultural centre near Ulfborg


Agricultural museum in Gudhjem with animals and demonstrations of old work methods


Authentic settings from the 14th century with tradesmen, craftsmen, knight's jousts and everyday occupations in Nykøbing Falster

Moseløkken Stenbrudsmuseum

Quarry museum near Allinge

Sagnlandet Lejre

Interesting excursion spot with houses and reconstructed environments from the past

Skagen By- og Egnsmuseum

Come close to the life of the fisherman!

Stenaldercentret Ertebølle

The stone age centre offers activities, exhibitions and old kitchen middens among other things

Tadre Mølle

Experience the last watermill in the valley 'Tadre-dalen' near Hvalsø

Vestfyns Hjemstavnsgård

Open-air museum near Glamsbjerg with half-timbered houses from the 18th century

Vikingecenter Fyrkat

In Hobro you can experience a vitalization of an interesting era in the history of Denmark

Wellings Landsbymuseum

Learn about the past at the interesting museum near Lintrup