Rold Skov - Rebild Bakker

About 30 km south of Aalborg you will find the scenic forests 'Rold Skov' and 'Rebild Bakker'. This unique, beautiful and undulating area offers forest, moors, hills, valleys, springs and lakes. The largest lakes are 'Store Øksø' and 'Madam Sø', which both contain clear and clean water. It is possible to swim in 'Madam Sø'. The springs 'Lille Blåkilde' and 'Ravnkilde' pump up millions of litres every day. From the forest tower in 'Troldeskoven' (a wood of gnarled trees), you can enjoy an amazing view of the whole area. The forest has a rich animal life. The area invites walks, bicycle rides and picnics with the family - f.x. by one of the bonfire places of the forest.

Rold Skov - Rebild Bakker

Rebild - Skørping

9520 Skørping


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