Det Gule Rev

If you wish to spend a day on the sea with your fishing rod, fishing trips onboard a fishing vessel to the reef 'Det Gule Rev' are arranged from the harbours of both Hanstholm and Hirtshals. 'Det Gule Rev' is a high plateau area on the edge of deep 'Torskedybet', situated about 2 hours of sail from the shore. The area, which is about 150 km long and 20 km wide, is a unique fishing area. You are fishing in a depth of 35-120 metres, and besides cod, you are able to catch lings, pollacks, coalfish, catfish, sea devils, rose fish, gurnards and plaices here. It is not unusual to catch a fish, which ways more than 20 kilos!

Det Gule Rev

V/ Hanstholm

7730 Hanstholm


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