Nature, Denmark

Denmarks lovely nature is very versatile, and you can experience large beech and pine forest, dune plantations, beautiful moor areas, which are coloured purple from heather during autumn, preserved nature areas, bird sanctuaries, where you can observe a number of interesting birds from gazeboes or shelters, drifting dunes, which move many metres every year, clay pits, where you can search for finds from the past, and lime pits with long galleries deep under ground, where you can see fossils and bats. Furthermore, the country is rich in recreational parks, palace gardens with ingenious plant and flower arrangements, botanical gardens, herb gardens with herbs and old medicinal plants, greenhouses as well as scenting and colourful flower and theme gardens, like f.x. rose gardens, Japanese and Chinese gardens. Along the shores you will find sights like spectacular cliffs, bird cliffs, rugged rocky coast, caves and deep gorges. Off the shore you can visit reefs and catch large fish.

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Nature, Denmark


Almindingen, east of Rønne and north of Åkirkeby, is the third largest forest in Denmark

Anne Justs Have

A richly coloured garden by Blokhus

Bangsbo Botaniske Have

Visit the interesting, aromatic gardens and parks near Frederikshavn

Birkegårdens Haver

The gardens Birkegårdens Haver is an excursion point for the whole family.

Bjergsted Bakker

A hilly nature area near Kalundborg with an interesting flora and fauna

Blåbjerg-Nyminde Klitplantage

Experience the lovely nature of Nørre Nebel behind the North Sea

Botanisk Have og Museum

A live museum in the heart of Copenhagen

Botanisk Have, Århus

A beautiful garden by the open-air museum Den Gamle By

Brændegård Sø

Experience the rich bird life by the large lake near Faaborg


Experience Denmark's only bird cliff near Frøstrup

Bunken Klitplantage

Peaceful and scenic dune plantation by Skagen in the northernmost part of Denmark

Byhaven, Rudkøbing

Visit a cosy and historical garden in the centre of Rudkøbing

Bøjden Nor

The cove near Faaborg is an ideal excursion spot for bird enthusiasts

Bøtø Nor

A paradise for bird enthusiasts near Gedser


Scheduled fortress island in the Baltic with a rich birdlife


Large forest area near Nykøbing Falster

Den Økologiske Have

Ecological visitor garden in Odder - the largest of its kind in Scandinavia

Det Gule Rev

First-class deep-sea fishing in the waters off Hanstholm

Dyrehaven Bangsbo

Recreational area near Frederikshavn

Dyrehaven, Haderslev

Hilly nature park with animals from Denmark


A paradise for bird enthusiasts near the tip of Denmark

Erholm Park

Palace garden from the 1820'ies in Aarup on the western part of Funen

Fanø Klitplantage

Varying nature area in the centre of the island


Scenic park in Hirtshals


Unique nature area near Tranum

Fredensborg Slotshave

The garden of the crown prince and princess

Frederiksdal Naturcenter

Recreation near beach, in a forest or in a cosy park

Fuchsiahaven i Uhre

Hundreds of different sorts of fuchsia

Geografisk Have

The garden Geografisk Have in Kolding is an oasis with a miniature town, plants and animals

Gram Lergrav

Go fossil hunting in the clay pit Gram Lergrav


Danmark's northernmost point

Gråsten Slotshave

The beautiful English landscape garden offers experiences for all senses

Hedeland Naturpark

Artificially landscaped nature area near Hedehusene with space for numerous leisure activities


The cliffs Helligdomsklipperne are located between Gudhjem and Allinge

Ho Klitplantage

Go on a lovely excursion in the interesting dune plantation


Wetlands and bird sanctuary near Nykøbing Sj

Højby Sø

Idyllic lake with a small exhibition about the development of the pond


Inland dune between Rørvig and Dybesø


Denmark's largest plantation is situated near Struer

Kongenshus Mindepark

Denmark's large moor area is situated near Viborg

Kongsøre Skov

Green oasis by the inlet Isefjorden


Much-coveted area for observation of migratory birds near Rørvig


Moor and old, overgrown dunes near Blåvand


Botanic garden with a Japanese park in Nakskov

Laubjergs Rosenhave

The large rose garden in Ringkøbing consists of 9 fragrant garden sections

Lille Malunds Have

Versatile garden in Klovborg near Horsens and Vejle

Lille Vildmose og Vildmosecentret

1,000-years old bog in northern Jutland

Lilleheden Klitplantage

Aromatic dune plantation near Hirtshals

Lystanlægget ved Baldersbæk

Nature, cultural history, art and sculptures in the park Lystanlægget near Baldersbæk

Lystrup Skov

A hilly and highly situated forest by Slangerup


Mallorca in Denmark!


Nature park near Esbjerg with numerous walking and bicycle paths


This scenic forest with many walking and bicycle paths is situated in Kolding

Medicinhaverne i Tranekær

Visit a number of gardens with plants, which all have a beneficial effect on humans

Møns Klint

Møns Klint - a spectacular corner of Denmark

Nationalpark Mols Bjerge

Marvellous conservation area with a varying landscape

Nationalpark Skjoldungernes Land

The Nationalpark "Skjoldungernes Land"

Nationalpark Thy

Spectacular nature in Nationalpark Thy

Naturpark Maribosøerne

Unique nature area in the centre of Lolland


Experience the small, preserved and scenic island Nekselø opposite western Sealand

Nørre Sø

Take a beautiful walk around the lake in Faaborg


Narrow forest area in Esbjerg

Pamhule Skov

The fertile forest Pamhule Skov near Haderslev is the largest forest of the area


Visit this greatly undulating cliff landscape near Nexø


Wonderful garden with thousands of flowers, trees and bushes.

Peter Hansens Have

Interesting plant types from the whole world in Nakskov

Pikkerbakken Bangsbo

High inland incline by Frederikshavn


Experience our solar system - in a miniature scale - in Lemvig

Rold Skov - Rebild Bakker

Beautiful national park near Skørping

Råbjerg Mile

The giant drifting dune near Skagen moves op to 15 m every year

Skagen Klitplantage

Varying dune plantation between two seas


A preserved peninsular in the bay Ho Bugt near Blåvand

Skjern Å

This stream, Denmark's most abounding in water, offers unique nature experiences

Sollerup Skov

Varying forest with numerous excursion opportunities near Faaborg


A beautiful view of Kolding and the former royal castle Koldinghus

Stevns Klint

65 million years old chalk cliff - 28 km from Køge


One of the largest parks in Hjørring

Svanninge Bakker

The Alps of Funen are located near Faarborg

Tambours Have

Idyllic garden ground near Varde with plants from the whole world


Experience the bird life and the lovely nature on Tipperne by Ringkøbing Fjord

Tornby Klitplantage

Enjoy a walk in the lovely dune area near Hirtshals


Near Faaborg you will find the third highest point on Funen


Experience this scenic landscape near Haderslev along the small roads or paths - on food or bicycle

Ulfborg Plantage

Lovely forest near Ringkøbing with a rich birdlife

Ulkerup Skov

The forest Ulkerup Skov near Nykøbing Sj is one of the five oldest forests of the district Odsherred

Vandværksskoven Bangsbo

A forest near Frederikshavn with many excursion spots


Northern Europe's largest bird sanctuary by the Liim Fiord

Vendsyssels Plantage

A green oasis in Løkken


Scented nature area on Western Sealand with 2 large and drifting dunes

Vilsted Sø

Recreational wetlands near Ranum with abundant vegetation and a rich animal and bird life


A green oasis in the centre of Esbjerg

Østerild Klitplantage

Beautiful recreational area - 15 km from Hanstholm

Ålbæk Klitplantage

Dune plantation with oak trees and different types of coniferous trees