Weapon exhibition at TøjhusmuseetCannons, hand weapons, armour, uniforms and formidable swords can be experienced in all their glory in the solid renaissance building of the Danish King Christian 4th from 1604.

The high-ceilinged rooms of Tøjhusmuseet have since the beginning of the 19th century functioned as exhibition place for the technology of the war.

Here you can walk around in different exhibitions about war and weapons and exhibition everything from samurai weapons to a German V-1 bomb from World War II.

The building Tøjhuset was built as a weapon deposit, which were to protect the dream of Christian 4th about a well-fortified Danish war harbour and navy. The old mooring rings for the battleships are still hanging along the bricked wars as a last hurrah for the former shattered illusions.

The admission for the museum is free.




Tøjhusgade 3

1220 København K

Tlf: 3313 4411


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