Rosenborg Slot

The ’Knight’s Hall The castle is situated in the middle of Kongens Have in the heart of Copenhagen and bears witness to 400 years of glory with its Royal art treasures, Royal crowns and crown jewels.

Rosenborg Slot was built by one of Denmark's most famous and colourful Kings, Christian 4th, at the start of the 17th century.

Christian 4th was king, war lord, entrepreneur, and fathered more than 20 children.

He, if any, added glamour to Denmark, but did also the opposite with his lost wars. Today we see his glamour in his famous buildings, among these Rosenborg Slot, which became his favourite castle, and where he in symbolic manner ended his days.

Today the pomp and circumstances of past times can be experienced through Christian 4th and his descendants impressing possessions, which are on display at the castle.

Among the main attraction is the banqueting hall with the thrones and the three silver lions of natural size, which are guarding the thrones.

The King's throne is made of narwhale tusk with gilded figures, and the Queen’s throne is made of silver.

On the walls hangs a large tapestry series, displaying the famous battle between Denmark and Sweden.

The interior is well-preserved and invites you to go along on a time journey, where visitors and experience the King's private writing room, bathroom, as well as wax figures of late royalty.

Rosenborg Slot also houses an impressing collection of Flora Danica and one of the world's finest collections of Venetian glass, both exhibited in the turret rooms.

The two King’s crowns and the Queen's crown are stores in underground chambers with walls with a thickness of several metres. The crowns are lavishly decorated with precious gems, enamel work, and golden ornaments.

They were last used at the coronation in 1840, as the absolute monarchy was abolished a decade later.

Queen Sophie Magdalene wrote in her testimony that her jewels be not given to one person in particular, but forever at the disposal of the present queen.

This has preserved them as a collection and made them the living treasure they are today; the Danish crown jewels are the only ones at public display as well as used by HM Queen Margrethe at special events.

They consist primarily of four sets, a brilliant set, a rose-cut diamond set, a pearl/ruby set and an emerald set - where the emeralds are among the finest in the world.

Crown with precious stones
Painting of King Christian IV.

Rosenborg Castle and park


Rosenborg Slot

Øster Voldgade 4A

De Danske Kongers Kronologiske Samling

1350 København K

Tlf: 33 18 60 47

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