Musikmuseet på FrederiksbergIn September 2014 the music museum Musikmuseet presents a number of brand new exhibition in surroundings, which are just as new. They can be seen in the famous Radiohus, designed by the architect Vilhelm Lauritzen, which now frames the new museum.

Musikmuseet is one of the oldest music-historical museums in the world and has existed since 1898.

But the unique collection of the museum dates even further back in history and consists of musical instruments from Europe, Asia, Africa and South America from the 16th century and up till our time. 

In the new and permanent exhibitions at Musikmuseet you can experience westerly music culture from the Antiquity and Danish music life from the bronze age and up till the 19th century. The two tracks meet in the 20th and 21st century as well as the globalization.

Furthermore, you can see varying special exhibitions with focus on music cultures outside Europe as well as the tone room, Klangrummet, where you can play on various instruments.  

The admission for the museum is free.



Rosenørns Allé 22

1970 Frederiksberg C

Tlf: 4120 6313

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