Museum Sønderjylland - Kulturhistorie Tønder

Museum Sønderjylland - Kulturhistorie Tønder is located on the old castle bank in the southern outskirts of the town. The museum contains examples of the good craftsmanship of the area: laces, silver, furniture, Dutch tiles and faience. The collections reflect the wealth of the area and the sense of quality in the 18th and 19th century in this area. You also notice the strong cultural influence from the north German and Frisian area, which appears from the collection of coffins and cabinets. Even today, the good craftsmanship is centre of the collections. See the locally produced silver from the period 1700-1900, the beautiful peasant and middle class furniture, the laces, the faiences from Schleswig-Holstein and the largest collection of Dutch tiles in Scandinavia. The old water tower in Tønder is part of the museum. Here you can see the beautiful chairs of the furniture designer Hans J. Wegner and enjoy the fantastic view of the town and the marsh.

Museum Sønderjylland - Kulturhistorie Tønder

Kongevej 54

6270 Tønder

Tlf: 74 72 89 89

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