Den Sorte Diamant - Det Kongelige Bibliotek

In the building 'Den Sorte Diamant' (the black diamond), which is a part of the royal library, you will find 2 museums: 'Museet for Dansk Bladtegning' (the museum of Danish illustrators), where you can experience varying exhibitions, as well as 'Det Nationale Fotomuseum', where you can see works from the collection of the museum. The collection consists of both Danish and foreign photographs from 1839 and up till today. The building 'Den Sorte Diamant' is worth visiting alone. It is constructed by stone, steel, glass, wood and concrete, and the colours of 'Den Sorte Diamant' are subdued and correspond with the nuances of the building materials, which have their own natural expression. The delicate colours create a completely natural background for the activities, which take place in the building. After all of the impressions, you can enjoy a delicious meal in the restaurant 'Søren K', which is a part of the building as well.

Den Sorte Diamant - Det Kongelige Bibliotek

Søren Kierkegaards Plads 1

1214 København K

Tlf: 33474747

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