Brede Værk

At the former production plant 'Brede Værk' cloth was produced from 1832 until 1956. Here you can get an impression of the factory society with workers' houses, foremen's houses, the country house of the manufacturer, an eating house, shelters for the children and a market garden as it looked and functioned by the end of the 19th. century. The country house of the manufacturer has been decorated in a simple and neo-classicistic style with fragile furniture and painting on the walls and mirrors. The exhibition 'Industriens Vugge' (the cradle of the industry) informs of the industrial development along the stream 'Mølleåen', by which 'Brede Værk' is located.

Brede Værk

I. C. Modewegsvej

2800 Kongens Lyngby


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Sealand, Helsingor Distance to attraction: 22,21 km

Holiday home in a town, 93-0315, Helsingor
4 Beds, 2 Bedrooms


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