Ballerup Museum

Summer at Ballerup MuseumGo to the countryside, close to Copenhagen. Ballerup Museum is a part of the vibrant village environment in Pederstrup. Pederstrupgård and Lindbjerggård, two of the old farms in the village, form the settings of the museum together with the houses of the blacksmith and the shoemaker; Lynsmedens Hus and Skomagerhuset.

Inside the museum you can see the permanent exhibitions: The history of the municipality of Ballerup - from long house to high-rise building, as well as "Vejen til Ballerup" (the way to Ballerup), which communicate the history about the Russian grand duchess Olga, who lived in Ballerup for 18 years, and  about people, who have moved to Ballerup from another country or region. At Lindbjerggård you can experience the living rooms of the farmer in the 19th and 20th century. Visit the cosy grocery shop as well. Her e you can buy old school candy and toys among other things. Throughout the year varying exhibitions and activities are arranged here.

Outside in the museum garden you can follow the passages of the seasons. Throughout the summer the scented roses and colourful herbaceous perennials bloom. In the autumn you can collect chestnuts under the large chestnut tree. In the winter the snow and frost transform the gardens into a white landscape. And during spring the small spring flowers trickle out of the black mould. On the surrounding fields the sheep, cows and horses graze in the summer season. The neighbour of the museum, the ecological farm Grantoftegaard, offers rides in horse-drawn carriages around the village on selected days.

Free admission.
Living room at Ballerup Museum
Daffodils in front of the museum
Classroom with slate boards
Ballerup Museum exhibition

Ballerup Museum

Pederstrupvej 51-53

2750 Ballerup

Tlf: 44971113

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