Showroom The four permanent exhibitions on this museum focus on the everyday life of the workers - today and 150 years ago. Work, wages and spare time have played and important role in the life of Danish factory workers During the last 150 years.

After a tour of the museum we recommend a visit to the basement restaurant of the museum 'Café & Ølhalle 1892'. The restaurant is Copenhagen's only listed basement barroom, and after an extensive restoration 'Café & Ølhalle 1892' appears in its original style - like in 1892.

At the museum you can hear, see and partly feel the history, and in the café you can taste it, as traditional Danish dishes and international beer are served here. Try f.ex. the quite special beer 'Stjerne Pilsner' from the brewery of the workers 'Arbejdernes Bryggeri - Stjernen'. The label of the beer bottle is a copy from 1947. 'Cafe & Ølhalle 1892' is one of the most attractive restaurants in Copenhagen, and therefore, we recommend that you reserve a table in advance.
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Rømersgade 22

1362 København K

Tlf: 33932575

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