The palace court of Amalienborg Experience royal life in the past and present

Amalienborg offers tow royal experiences and takes you very close to royal history through 250 years. 
The museum of Christian VIII’s Palæ presents the private rooms of the latest kings and queens as well as an exhibition about the monarchy with its many traditions.  
The museum reaches back 150 years to the time of King Christian 9th and Queen Louise, who became famous as "Europe’s parents-in-law", because four of their children climbed Europe’s thrones as empress of Russia, queen of England, king of Greece and king of Denmark respectively.  

The collection of the museum bears witness of strong family ties with its many paintings and treasured photos of the ramified family, which is connected to many of Europe’s royal families today. As in a time travel, the rooms of King Christian 9th. and Queen Louise as well as their descendants are still intact. Each room bears witness of the trends of the time and the personal taste of the inhabitants – Victorian age style, military style and inspired by knights.  
In the garden room, Havesalen, you can have an insight into royal life and the monarchy in the 21st century. Many tasks and traditions come with a royal title, and in this exhibition, you will realise, what it means to be royal today. 
And remember the mascot of the house, the elephant Hannibal, which greets the children with riddles and questions and makes the visit more interesting for the smallest guests. 

Most days you have access from the museum to the royal representation rooms, Beletagen, where you can experience the beautiful gala hall and a hall, which contains the gilded statues of Bertel Thorvaldsen from the 1820’ies.  

In the palace, Christian VII’s Palæ, you can step into the footsteps of the royal guests and be guided around in the magnificent halls, where the New Year’s banquet and other official celebrations take place. You can book a ticket for our guided tours on the website or in the ticket sale in the palace Christian VIII’s Palæ. 

Room in Amalienborg
Painting showing two girls
Hall with a chandelier


Christian 8.s Palæ

1257 København K

Tlf: 33 12 21 86

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