Museums, Denmark

Denmark offers all kinds of museums, right from international museums with impressive exhibitions and art museums with works of world-famed artists to national museums, natural history museums, small and regional museums with old objects from the local area as well as museums with finds from the antiquity. You will also find museums with themes like f.x. viking ships, fossils, vehicles, tools, toys, photographs, clothes, coins and amber as well as museums with exhibitions, covering shipping, railways, life-saving service, agriculture, fishing, military history and archaeology. Furthermore, you can experience interesting museums, established in the name of a Danish artist in his/her old home. The works of the artist are exhibited here, and you can see the surroundings, in which they were created. Most provincial towns have their own museum, which informs of the town’s history. Some museums are established in submarines, frigates, castles, hospitals, water towers and mills.

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Museums, Denmark

Abelines Gaard

Old wreck master farm from 1871 in Hvide Sande - today an interesting regional museum

Abildå Brunkulsleje

A live museum in the old brown coal fields nearby Herning


A live museum in two farms with thatched roofs in Dragør


Experience royal life past and present

Anchers Hus

An interesting artists' home in Skagen with paintings and furniture

Anne Hvides Gård

Svendborg's oldest building in private possession

Apotekersamlingen Jens Bang Stenhus

Unique collection of furniture, instruments, receptacles and documents in Aalborg


The everyday life of the workers - today and 150 years ago - in Copenhagen


The museum of modern art in Ishøj


Discover world-class art at ARoS

Arresten i Faaborg

Denmark's first prison museum

Artillerimuseet i Varde

A special museum for the artillery in Denmark

Ballerup Museum

Lean more about village life in Pederstrup the history of Ballerup

Bangsbo Museum

Small and charming manor house near Frederikshavn


The museum in Århus illustrates Central Jutland during the occupation

Bindeballe Station

Cosy railway museum


Acquaint yourselves with the writer Steen Steensen Blichers on the beautiful manor house Herningsholm in Herning


A collection of local history with machines, tools and lead types in Esbjerg

Boldrup Museum

Old smallholding from the year 1900 near Nørager/Hobro

Bornholms Automobilmuseum

Unique collection in Aakirkeby

Bornholms Kunstmuseum

The art gallery is situated near Gudhjem - in one of the most scenic areas of Bornholm

Bornholms Tekniske Samling S/I


A museum of local history in Nykøbing F with the life-saving service as the main subject


A culture centre with art, photos and medias in Odense

Brede Værk

A well-preserved industrial plant from the time of production in Kongens Lyngby

Broholm Gods

Experience the old manor house in Gudme with an ancient collection and a beautiful palace garden

Bunkermuseet ved Bulbjerg

Small museum bunker by Denmark's only bird cliff near Frøstrup

Bunkermuseum Hanstholm

Northern Europe's largest fortress with bunker and exhibition

Bymuseet Møntergården

Interesting and varying exhibitions in a beautiful old building in Odense

Børglum Kloster

A beautiful, old convent near Vrå with atmosphere, exhibitions and a church

Bøtø Nor Pumpestation

The story of a pumping station near Væggerløse on Falster

Carl Nielsen Museet

A museum in Odense in the honour of the composer Carl Nielsen

Carl Nielsens Barndomshjem

An interesting museum in Årslev in the great composers childhood home

Carl-Henning Pedersen og Else Alfelts Museum

Interesting and very untraditionally decorated museum in Herning

Cathrinesminde Teglværk

The only brickworks museum in Denmark is located in Broager

Cirkusmuseet i Rold

Circus history in an old circus building

Cirkusmuseet, Hvidovre

Northern Europe's largest museum for circus and artistry

CLAY keramikmuseum Danmark

See Scandinavia's only special museum for international ceramic contemporary art and handicraft in Middelfart

Danmarks Ferguson Museum

Danmarks Flymuseum

Experience a part of the Danish cultural heritage on the 'vitalized' flight-historical museum in Skjern

Danmarks Fotomuseum

Learn more about the camera and its development since 1839 in Herning

Danmarks Golf Museum

In Vejle you will find golf history, interesting golf effects and the history behind these

Danmarks Industrimuseum

The museum for the culture of workers and craftsmen as well as the industrial culture in Horsens

Danmarks Jernbanemuseum

Great experiences for the whole family

Danmarks Museum for Lystsejlads

The museum in Svendborg presents boats, yachting effects and Danish water sports through the years

Danmarks Sukkermuseum

The museum in Nakskov teach you about Danish sugar production

Dansk Plakatmuseum

A culture-historical museum in Åbyhøj with posters from all over the world

Dansk Sygeplejehistorisk Museum

Experience the sickbed of former times on the scenically situated museum near Kolding

Den Gamle Købmandshandel

A general store in Nykøbing F - as it appeared in former times.

Den Kgl. Afstøbningssamling

World art in gypsum - in Copenhagen

Den Sorte Diamant - Det Kongelige Bibliotek

2 interesting museums in a special building in Copenhagen

Det Gamle Apotek

Interesting old pharmacy in Rudkøbing

Det Gamle Rådhus, Ribe

Ghastly museum in the old town hall in Ribe

Det Gamle Trykkeri

Working graphic museum in Nakskov

Det Nationalhistoriske Museum

Museum of National History on the castle Frederiksborg Slot in Hillerød

Det Sorte Geomuseum

The museum in Gedser exhibits geological finds from the southern part of Falster

Deutsches Museum Nordschleswig

An interesting museum in Sønderborg with the German minority as the main subject


The history of the diesel engine - in Copenhagen

Digteren Emil Aarestrups Hus

Visit the restored house of Aarestrup in Nysted on Lolland

Dit Museum Ølgod

From poor moorland peasant to democratic farmer

Djurslands Jernbanemuseum

All about the railway traffic and public transport in Ryomgård in former times

Drachmanns Hus

Museum for the poet and painter Holger Drachmann in Skagen

Dragør Museum

Shipping museum with sea view

Dronninglund Kunstcenter

Interesting building with varying exhibitions

Drøhses Hus

One of the most beautiful baroque citizen's houses in Tønder

Dueholm Kloster

The former monastery today function as the national museum of Morsland

Dybbøl Mølle

The beautiful mill 'Dybbøl Mølle' in Sønderborg is both a museum and a national symbol

Egeskov Slot

Egeskov Slot - The Living Castle on Funen

Egeskov Veteranmuseum

Two interesting and historical museums at the castle 'Egeskov Slot' in Kværndrup


Regional museum in Vandel near Vejle

Egnsmuseet Jacob Michelsens Gård

A regional historical museum with interesting collections in Aabenraa

Ehlers Samlingen

In Haderslev you can see a large collection of pottery

Empiregården, Stege

Interesting objects from the past and the present

Erichsens Gård

The town and garden museum of Bornholm is situated in Rønne

Ernst's Samlinger

The collection of the silverware manufacturer Ernst is located in Assens

Esbjerg Kunstmuseum

Danish pictorial art and sculptures from 1920 and up till today

Esbjerg Museum

Exhibitions with the themes: amber, town and antiquity

Fahl Kro

Cosy inn with interesting exhibitions near Hemmet and the inlet Ringkøbing Fjord

Falsters Minder Nykøbing

Culture-historical and archaeological regional museum in Nykøbing F

Fanø Flisesamling

The beautifully decorated wall tiles are characteristic for Fanø

Fanø Kunstmuseum

Paintings of the Jutland Wadden Sea island throughout the times

Fanø Museum

An interesting collection in a historical house

Fanø Skibsfarts- og Dragtsamling

Ships and garments


Beautiful merchant's house from 1630 in Kerteminde


Fresh water museum in Ry with themes like geology, nature and culture-history


The Funen exhibition building for art and design in Odense

Fiskerhuset i Agger

Fishing house from 1749 - 39 km from Thisted

Fiskeri- og Søfartsmuseet - Saltvandsakvariet

Experiences for the whole family. Interesting exhibitions, plenty of activities and terrific opportunities for inquisitive guests.

Fiskeriets Hus

The museum in Hvide Sande contains fish from the bottom of Ringkøbing Fjord, the adjoining rivers and the North Sea

Fjerritslev Bryggeri- og Egnsmuseum

Northern Europe's best preserved rural brewery

Flaske-Peters Samling

The world's oldest collection of bottle ships in Ærøskøbing

Flyvholm Redningsstation

The story of Lemvig life saving station and strandings in the area


Sociohistorical museum in Svendborg

Fredensborg Lokalhistoriske Museum

Interesting museum of local history in an old school - 30 km north of Copenhagen

Frederikshavn Kunstmuseum

Paper art and libris in the international class

Frederikssund Museum

Culture-historical regional museum, covering Jægerspris, Frederikssund and Skibby

Fregatten Peder Skram

Ship from 1908 - used in the Danish navy


The Resistance versus the occupying power

Frilandsmuseet Herning

A museum for moorland cultivation in central and western Jutland


Interesting museum in a former prison camp near Padborg

Fuglsang Kunstmuseum

Experience Danish art from the end of the 18th century and down till today in Maribo

Fur Fossiler

Fur Museum is an interesting experience for both children and adults

Fyns Kunstmuseum

Museum for Danish art in Odense

Fyns Militærhistoriske Samling

Interesting and historic military museum in Odense

Fyrhistorisk Museum på Nakkehoved

Lighthouse museum in Gilleleje, located in a unique culture landscape

Faaborg Miniby

Faaborg from before 1900 in the scale 1:10

Faaborg Museum

Paintings, sculptures and an idyllic museum gardens


The rest of the characteristic gasworks buildings at the harbour in Hobro are newly renovated

Gedser Remise

Railway museum in Gedser

Genforenings- og Grænsemuseet

Museum in Christiansfeld - everything regarding the Danish border and the reunion

Geomuseum Faxe

Fossils from the past in Faxe

Give-Egnens Museum


Gl. Estrup - Dansk Landbrugsmuseum

The manor house Gl. Estrup near Auning houses a national, agricultural museum

Glasmuseet Ebeltoft

Glasmuseet Ebeltoft contains a very acknowledged collection of modern and international glass art


Collection of sculptures in Copenhagen, founded by the brewery Carlsberg

Grenen Kunstmuseum

Paintings by the Skagen painter Axel Lind and many others

Greve Museum

Regional museum, close to Copenhagen

Gråbrødrekloster Museet

Underground museum in the mediaeval town Aalborg

Gærup Skolemuseum

School museum from 1784 - 10 km from Faaborg

Gæsteatelier Hollufgård

Interesting workshop and studio by the manor house Hollufgård in Odense

Gåsemandens Gård

Moorland farm from 1789 in Hemmet

H.C. Andersens Barndomshjem

A museum has been established in the small childhood home of H.C. Andersen in Odense

H.C. Andersens Hus

The wonderful biography of H. C. Andersen is told in the poet's former home in Odense

Hadsund Egnssamling

Historic regional museum with varying exhibitions

Hammerichs Hus

One of the best-preserved half-timbered houses from the 18th century in Ærøskøbing

Handels- og Søfartsmuseet

Shipping museum at the castle Kronborg Slot in Helsingør

Hannes Hus

Interesting regional museum in an old 'skipper house' on Fanø

Hanstholm Kunstbygning - Nordatlantens Hus

Art by 'the end of the world'


Denmark's largest collection of old and functional accordions near Brovst


Denmark's first larger hydroelectric plant near Kolding

Hasle Røgeri

Experience a genuine Bornholm smokehouse in Hasle


200-years old hatter house in Tarm

Havnbjerg Mølle

Idyllically situated Dutch mill near Nordborg on Als


Architecture and art of international format at HEART in Herning

Hedvigs Hus

Very rare seaweed house on the island Læsø

Helsingør Bymuseum

Visit many interesting exhibitions

Heltborg Museum

Museum with art and collections as well as a genuine iron age farm in Hurup Thy

Hempel Glasmuseum

The interesting collections are very scenically situated in Nykøbing Sj by the inlet 'Isefjord'

Henner Friisers Hus

Museum in a citizen's house in Middelfart


Herregården Odden

A Willumsen collection, owned by Victor Petersen, at the manor house Odden

Herregårdsmuseet Sæbygaard

Dinner sets, East Indian porcelain from the 18th century as well as pewter ware from the end of the 17th century in Sæby near Frederikshavn

Historiecenter Dybbøl Banke

Experience and information centre in Sønderborg with the war in 1864 as subject

Hjedding Andelsmejeri

Experience an old dairy museum in Ølgod

Hjemstavnshus Arnborg

Interesting nature centre and native museum near Herning

Hjorths Fabrik

Experience the pottery museum of Bornholm in Rønne

Hobro Museum

A journey into local history throughout the times

Hodde Gamle Skole

Denmark’s school history at a cosy, little museum

Holbæk Museum

A cultural-historical museum with varying exhibitions

Holstebro Kunstmuseum

Experience world art at the art museum 'Holstebro Kunstmuseum'

Holstebro Museum

Museum of local history with interesting collections and amusing activities

Horsens Kunstmuseum

Contemporary art with the main stress laid on the 1980'ies

Horsens Museum

Innumerable permanent exhibitions as well as special exhibitions with Horsens as the focal point

Højer Mølle- og Marskmuseum

Dutch mill from 1857 with a museum


Museum shop in Kerteminde

Hørvævsmuseet på Krengerup

Weaving museum in Glamsbjerg

Håndværkernes Hus, Hjørring

Experience the old trade traditions!

Håndværksmuseet, Roskilde

Old crafts traditions and tools

Isbådsmuseet på Halsskov Rev

The story of the iceboat

J. C. Christensen´s Hus

The house of the politician J. C. Christensen in Ringkøbing

J. F. Willumsen Samling

Works of the versatile artist J. F. Willumsen in Hjørring

JANUS Vestjyllands Kunstmuseum

Western Jutland art near Varde

Jenle - Nanna og Jeppe Aakjærs hjem

Visit the home of the writer Jeppe Aakjær - just north of Skive

Jens Søndergaards Museum

Visit the museum of the painter Jens Søndergaard in Lemvig!

Johannes Larsen Museet

Discover the changing exhibits in Alhed and Johannes Larsens artistic home

Jysk Automobilmuseum

In Gjern near Silkeborg you will find an impressive collection of 160 restored vintage vehicles

Kaj Jensens Autografmuseum

Autographs from all sorts of famous personalities near Vildbjerg

Karen Blixen Museet

Visit the interesting Karen Blixen musuem in Rungsted

Kirsten Kjær´s Museum

Art centre in Frøstrup with works of Kirsten Kjær and other house artists


Klosterlund Museum og Naturcenter

Interesting exhibition about the stone age - 22 km from Silkeborg

Knud Rasmussens Hus

The house of the polar explorer and national hero Knud Rasmussen

Kolding Miniby

See the houses and visit the workshop in Kolding Miniby


The town Kolding surrounds the formerly disputed castle

Koldkrigsmuseum Langelandsfort

Come close to the cold war at the fort Langelandsfortet

Koldkrigsmuseum Stevnsfort

One of Denmark's secret places in Rødvig

Kongernes Jelling

A historic experience

Korsør By- og Overfartsmuseum

Native museum in the fortress Korsør Fæstning

Kragerup Go High

Kragerup Go High climbing park


Have an insight into the story about the potentially lethal production of gunpowder - in Frederikshavn

Krydsfelt Skive

Culture-historical collections

Kulturhistorie Aabenraa

Aabenraa Museum is the shipping museum of South Jutland

Kulturhistorisk Museum

The history of Bornholm throughout thousands of years in Rønne

Kulturmuseet Spinderihallerne

Culture-historical museum with fantastic stories about Vejle

Kunstbygningen SAK

Experience all facets of the art in Svendborg

KunstCentret Silkeborg Bad

At the Art Centre Silkeborg Bad nature, art and fine buildings form a beautiful synthesis


KUNSTEN in Aalborg is a museum for modern and contemporary art

Kunstmuseet Brundlund Slot

Special exhibitions and selected works from the art collection of the museum in Aabenraa

Kunstmuseet Tønder

Formerly a stronghold, later a Renaissance castle - today a museum

Kvindemuseet i Danmark

This museum in Århus deals with the life and activities of women during the modern times of Danish culture history


The museum of shore fishing is established in an old rescue house in Løkken

Københavns Museum

Become acquainted with the past and the present

Købmandsmuseet Cornelen

Old grocery shop from the 1930'ies in Farum

Køge Museum

Culture history from the town Køge

Køng Museer

Old textile factory - 16 km south of Næstved

KØS Museum

KØS museum for art in public places

Landbomuseet Kolding

A countryman museum of a private collector

Landbomuseet Lundekrog

Agricultural tools, domestic appliances and old handicraft from 1840-1950 in Lille Skensved

Langelands Museum

Interesting exhibition objects from the antiquity and down to present time - in Rudkøbing

Laugø Smedje

An old forge as a museum near Helsinge

Lejre Museum

The history, landscape and national significance of the area Gl. Lejre

Lemvig Museum

Cosy and distinguished regional museum

Lille Mølle

Dutch windmill from 1783 in Copenhagen


Boatbuilding yard in the old harbour of Middelfart

Lilleskov Teglværk

Old brickfield in Tommerup with a museum and a culture centre


Limfjordsmuseet is a maritime museum, which offers an abundance of experiences for the whole family

Lindholm Høje Museum

Interesting museum in Nørresundby with finds from the ajoining burial place

Lolland-Falsters Stiftsmuseum

Culture-historical museum in Maribo, concerning Lolland and Falster from the antiquity to the present

Lorenzens butik

Exhibition on Fanø with lovely old costumes

LOUISIANA Museum of Modern Art

Interesting museum in Humlebæk with contemporary art


Learn more about the history of the sailing-boat in Hobro

Løkken Museum

Learn more about the old fishing hamlet Løkken in buildings of historic value

Mands Samling

Experience an ancient collection, tools, carriages and much more in Assens

Mariager Museum

Interesting museum, which informs of the past in Mariager

Marstal Søfartsmuseum

Experience the history of the shipping and the fishery in a former ship chandler's

Martin Andersen Nexøs barndomshjem

The house of the writer Martin Andersen Nexø in Nexø

Memphis Mansion

Event house in Randers with Elvis in the centre!

Middelfart Museum

Different interesting exhibitions about Middelfart

Modelbane Europa

You will find one of Europe's largest computer-controlled model railways in Hadsten

Moesgaard Museum

Experience an unusual museum with interesting antiquity exhibitions near Aarhus

Moler Museet

Collection of fossils from the moler in Nykøbing M

Morsø Traktormuseum

Experience Denmark's oldest tractor museum in Nykøbing M

Mosbjerg Museum

Agricultural exhibition and an old, at times active smallholding near Sindal


Museum of local history in Værløse

Motorfyrskibet Horns Rev

The world's largest pinewood ship in Esbjerg

Motorjagten Mjølner

Museum ship from Rudkøbing

MS Museet for Søfart

The history of shipping comes to life

Museet Danmarks Brandbiler

Fire engines in museum

Museet Den Gamle Gaard

2 old merchant's houses with many sights near Faaborg

Museet for Religiøs Kunst

Museet for Religiøs Kunst focuses on relation between art and religion in the 20th and 21st century

Museet for Samtidskunst

Interesting museum with intermedial art from 1950 and upwards in Roskilde

Museet på Gl. Rye Mølle

Museum in an interesting mill from the year 1872

Museet på Sønderskov

Interesting regional museum with a belonging park in Brørup

Museet Ribes Vikinger

Genuine finds from the viking period and the Middle Ages in Ribe

Museet Sønderborg Sygehus

Established as a former German field hospital

Museum Jorn

Interesting art collections and varying exhibitions in scenic surroundings

Museum Oldemorstoft

Agricultural museum of local history in Bov

Museum Silkeborg, Blicheregnen

Interesting museum in Central Jutland with focus on Blicher.

Museum Silkeborg, Hovedgården

Meet the world-renowned man Tollundmanden

Museum Silkeborg, Papirmuseet

See how paper was produced in the old days.

Museum Sønderjylland - Arkæologi Haderslev

The museum displays archaeology, town history and an open-air section

Museum Sønderjylland - Kulturhistorie Tønder

Silver, furniture, laces and Dutch tiles from the wealth period of Tønder.

Museum Sønderjylland - Naturhistorie og Palæontologi, Gram Lergrav

An interesting museum in Gram, where you can dig into the past

Museum Østjylland, Det gamle Rådhus

Town hall with a dungeon in Ebeltoft

Museum Østjylland, Ebeltoft

Regional museum at the old town hall

Museum Østjylland, Farvergården

Dye works from the 18th century

Museum Østjylland, Grenaa

Interesting culture-historical exhibition in Grenaa

Museum Østjylland, Håndværksmuseet

Culture-historical museum with active workshops in Randers

Museum Østjylland, Randers

A culture-historical journey from the antiquity till today

Museum Østjylland, Siamesisk Samling

Unique collection from the old Thailand in Ebeltoft


Old four-winged seaweed farm from the middle of the 17th century on the island Læsø

Museumsgården, Stege

The development of the agriculture from the year 1800 to the 1930'ies


Visit one of the world’s oldest music-historical museums in Frederiksberg

Møllehistorisk Samling

From cog wheel to digital media

Mølsteds Museum

Paintings by Chr. Mølsted in the heart of Dragør

Nakskov Brandmuseum

Cosy museum with fire equipment in Nakskov.

Nakskov Skibs- og Søfartsmuseum

Everything regarding ships, shipbuilding industry and navigation


The palace Prinsens Palæ - the main building of Denmark's national, culture-historical museum in Copenhagen

Nationalmuseets Kommandørgård

Experience a genuine Rømø farm from the 18th. century

Naturhistorisk Museum, Skagen

In dialogue with nature

Naturhistorisk Museum, Aarhus

At the museum in Århus you can acquaint yourselves with the Danish development of natural history

Nexø Museum

Museum in the oldest building in town

Nivaagaards Malerisamling

Rembrandt and Bellini - in a Danish art collection in Nivå

Nordfyns Museum

Regional museum, covering Bogense and the northern part of Funen

Nordjysk Spejdermuseum

About the 'Danish Scout Association' in North Jutland - in Aalborg

Nymindegab Museum

Exciting exhibition in Nørre Nebel

Nymindegab Redningsbådsmuseum

How lives were saved in former times

Næstved Museum

This museum deals with the regional development as well as handicraft from different periods

Odder Museum

Learn more about the history of Odder

Odsherreds Kulturhistoriske Museum

The culture history of the area Odsherred is illustrated here

Odsherreds Kunstmuseum

The museum in Asnæs displays landscape paintings and illustrates their development

Odsherreds Trafikmuseum

Local post and traffic history - 13 km from Havnsø

Oluf Høst Museet

The life of the artist is carried on at the museum, which is established in his former home in Gudhjem


Museum in Copenhagen about the Danish navy


Interesting collection at Roskilde Museum

Pansermuseet i Oksbøl

Experience combat and military vehicles, uniforms and weapons at the armour museum Pansermuseet in Oksbøl.


Museum about the Polish migrant workers in Rødby

Psykiatrisk Samling

Psykiatrisk Samling is the former mental hospital in Middelfart from the years 1888-1999

Ramløse Mølle

Dutch mill from 1908 - 6 km from Helsinge


Old factory - 11 km eastward of Billund

Randers Kunstmuseum

The 1,500 square metres large museum is situated in the culture house in the centre of Randers

Reersø Amerikanerbilmuseum

Reventlow-Museet Pederstrup

Museum at the manor house Pederstrup in Horslunde on Lolland

Ribe Domkirke Museum

Ribe Domkirke – before, during and after the Reformation

Ribe Kunstmuseum

Danish art from the period 1750-1950

Ringe Museum

Culture-historical regional museum in the first school of Ringe

Ringkøbing Museum

Experience interesting collections and many rare objects

Ringsted Museum

Regional history and milling

Ringsted Radiomuseum

A unique collection of radio sets

Rosenborg Slot

THome of royal crowns and the crown jewels in the centre of Copenhagen

Roskilde Museum

Culture-historical museum regarding Roskilde

Roskilde Museums Købmandsgaard

Merchant's house from app. 1920

Rudolph Tegners Museum og Statuepark

Imaginative and inspiring sculptures in Dronningmølle

Rækker Møllegård

Large garden grounds near Skjern and museum for Søren Kierkegaard

Rødvig Skibsmotormuseum

Marine engines from 1903 to 1973


Thrill and horror in the town hall of Ribe

Sallingsund og Omegns Museum

Regional museum of local history in the old station building from 1884 in Roslev

Sct. Hans Hospitals Museum

See exhibitions about the story of the hospital and psychopathological art in Roskilde

Selsø Slot

Castle with a history that goes back hundreds of years - 14 km from Frederikssund

Simons Raalling - Egnssamling

Museum of local history in Ålbæk

Sjællands Traktormuseum

Nostalgic tractors in Herfølge

Skagen Bamsemuseum

Fascinating teddybear museum in the house Skagenhus

Skagens Museum

Works of some of the most famous Skagen artists

Skanderborg Bunkerne

Exhibition about World War II in authentic surroundings.

Skanderborg Museum - Museet på Adelgade

The story about the castle Skanderborg Slot and its surroundings.


One of the oldest farms in Mors has been converted into a museum

Skarrild-Karstoft Museum

Small museum next to the church of Skarrild - just south of Herning


Museum of fishery and old wooden ships in Gilleleje

Skjoldborgs Hus

Step into the past in the childhood home of Johan Skjoldborg in Øsløs

Skovsgaard Vogn-, Skovbrugs- og Tyendemuseum

Museum near Rudkøbing with the themes forestry, carriages and servants

Skuldelev Dukkemuseum og Legetøjssamling

One of Denmark's largest collections of toys in private ownership near Skibby

Slesvigske Vognsamling

Carriage collection in an old cloth mill in Haderslev


The development of the old agricultural forge at Nykøbing Mors


A house in Thyborøn, decorated with 1,000,000 shells


Varying art exhibitions in very scenic surroundings on Sealand

Sorø Kunstmuseum

Danish art from the 13th century and up till today in Sorø


3,000 souvenirs from all over the world in Tranekær on Langeland - from kitsch to cult

Spillemands-, Jagt- og Skovbrugsmuseet

Culture-historical museum near Skørping

Sporvejsmuseet, Skjoldenæsholm

A historical museum in Jystrup with rolling tramcars

Spøttrup Borg

Welcome to the Middle Ages!

Statens Museum for Kunst

Experience art from the 14th. century and up till today in Copenhagen.

Steno Museet

Denmark's museum of the history of knowledge in Aarhus

Stevns Museum

The history of Stevns Klint and its inhabitants


Nature and culture-historical exhibition about the coast between Lønstrup and Løkken


A western Jutland farm in Ulfborg from the year 1875

Strandingsmuseum St. George

The museum in Torsminde gives you an idea of the different shipwrecks throughout the years

Struer Museum

The culture-historical development in the Struer area

Strøjer Samlingen

Strøjer Samlingen contains a wide range of cars

Stubbekøbing Motorcykel- og Radiomuseum

Two interesting museums in one building in Stubbekøbing

Stubbekøbing Museum

Cosy museum of local history in a preserved merchant's house


Old iron foundry in Nykøbing on the island Mors

Sæby Museum og Arkiv - Nordjyllands Kystmuseum

Regional market town museum in idyllic surroundings

Søby Brunkulsmuseum

A magnificent landscape in the centre of Denmark, near Herning, with brown coal pits and a museum

Søfartsudstilling, Rudkøbing

Fishery, shipping, boatbuilder's yard and underwater archaeology on Langeland

Sønderborg Museum

Culture-historical museum at the castle

Sønderho Gamle Redningsstation

Experience an original, old and fully equipped lifeboat on Fanø



Acquaint yourselves with the former principal industry of central Jutland - the textile industry - in Herning

Thisted Museum

The museum contains an impressive collection of ancient monuments

Thyholm Egnsmuseum

Regional museum in 5 buildings

Tidens Samling

Tidens Samling is a museum with modern Denmark as theme


Impressive theme museum with interesting exhibitions in Blåvand


Denmark's only preserved tobacco-drying shed is situated in Tranekær on Langeland


Models of ships as well as maritime objects in Assens

Tornby Gl. Købmandsgård

Cosy shopping in the merchant's house in Tornby from the year 1860


Tractors and engines from 1880 to 1960 in Eskildstrup on Falster


Anna Ancher, Franciska Clausen and Egill Jacobsen are some of the most famous artists with works at Trapholt in Kolding

Trehøje Museum

A culture-historical museum in Ørnhøj about life in the countryside


Experience the traditional processing of wood in Spøttrup


Experience cannons, hand weapons, armour, uniforms and formidable swords at Tøjhusmuseet.

Tåsinge Skipperhjem og Folkemindesamling

4 buildings on Tåsinge - full of surprises

Uldum Mølle

Dutch windmill from the year 1895

Varde Miniby

Experience Varde as the town appeared in the middle of the 19th. century.

Varde Museum

Experience handicraft, silverware and textiles as well as local history here.

Vedersø Egnsmuseum

Regional museum - established in an old school near Ulfborg

Vejen Kunstmuseum

Symbolistic works

Vejle Kunstmuseum

Danish and international paintings, graphics and sculptures

Vendsyssel historiske Museum - Hirtshals

In an old fishing house you can learn more about the fishery

Vendsyssel historiske Museum - Hjørring

The area Vendsyssel from the Stona Age and up till today

Vendsyssel Kunstmuseum

At the art museum in Hjørring you will have an all-round experience

Vester Palsgaard Skovmuseum

Regional museum with tools and textiles

Vesthimmerlands Museum

Archaeology, culture history and contemporary art

Vestjyllands Bilsamling

In Bækmarksbro you will find classic cars, which can be both admired and touched

Viborg Stiftsmuseum

The history of the town Viborg and its neighbourhood

Vikingemuseet Ladby

Viking ships and archaeological finds from the surroundings of Kerteminde

Vikingeskibsmuseet Roskilde

If your are interested in the viking age and the ships from this period - this museum is definately a worth a visit!


Life in the large bog 'Store Vildmose' throughout 300 years at a museum in Brønderslev

Vingsted historiske værksted

The iron age village in Vingsted near Vejle

Vorupør Museum

Learn more about Vorupør and the coastal population


Culture-historical museum and art collection near Assens

Zeppelin Museet

Experience one of the German empire's large airship bases in Tønder

Ærø Museum

Regional museum with exceptional collections of costumes and toys

Øm Kloster Museum

Enjoy the good view from the mediaeval monastery in Skanderborg

Aalborg Historiske Museum

Provincial museum with interesting historic collections.