Historic culture, Denmark

The culture-historical sights in Denmark consist of old, historic buildings, monuments and memorial, placed on historically interesting places, bunker installations, castle ruins, old and intact workshops, cemeteries and burial places with interesting stone formations, iron-age settlements, viking-age villages and castles, grave mounds, long barrows, cromlechs, passage graves – often underground – with burial chambers, as well as other places, which exude a long and eventful history. In the old workshops you can observe how a blacksmith forges a horseshoe over open fire. The many bunker installations and fortifications illustrate life in and around the buildings during World War 2. All around the country you can experience old houses and schools, which appear in the original style with genuine furniture and interior.

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Historic culture, Denmark

Den Gamle Smedie, Vildbjerg

See how the old smiting is carried out

Egtved Pigens gravplads

One of Denmark's best preserved finds from the bronze age

Gammelby Mølle

Specialities in an old water mill near Fredericia


Old farm in an idyllic nature area in the bay Nissum Bredning


Visit the oldest castle ruin in Northern Europe on the top of Bornholm

Han Herred Havbåde

Experience when the old coasting vessels are being prepared for coming back at sea.


Reconstruction of the oldest plank-built boat in Scandinavia - in Nordborg on Als

Kalø Slotsruin

Castle ruin from 1313

Lindholm Høje

A well-preserved and historic burial place in Nørresundby

Munkenes Teglovn

Brick kiln from the year 1355 in Vejle

Nybølle Lunder

Forest with an abundant of barrows - just north of Horslunde

Oldtidsminderne, Tustrup

Burial customs from the neolithic period


Reconstruction of the bridge Ravningbroen from the Viking age

Stenbjerg Landingsplads

Former landing place for fishing vessels near Snedsted

Vibæk Vandmølle

An idyllic watermill in timber frame and with a thatched roof on Als

Vikingeborgen Aggersborg

Denmark's largest viking stronghold near Aggersund

Vikingeborgen Trelleborg

Experience the old Viking fortress of Harald Bluetooth from the year 980 near Slagelse