Art & crafts, Denmark

Denmark is rich in craftsmen, who can often be visited in their galleries, potteries, glass and candle factories, weaving mills or other workshops around the country. Here you can observe the artists as they work and perhaps buy some of their art and unique specimens. In more candle factories you are able to make your own candles. At the Danish craftsmen you can see and buy everything from beautiful oil and watercolour paintings to graphics, lithographs, life-drawings, paper collages, figures and sculptures, made out of granite, gypsum, iron, wood etc., hand-made candles, home-made soaps, flower decorations, knitwear, woollens, textile art, leather goods, glass art in all colours and shades, amber ornaments, ceramic ware, raku as well as articles for everyday use of wood and pottery.

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Art & crafts, Denmark

Atelier og Galleri Nielsens Kunst

Visit a pleasant and colourful gallery in the tranquil and scenic nature of Langeland.

Atelier Skorá

Workshop with richly coloured paintings on Falster.

Ateljes - Galleri Jes Nordby

Experience an interesting and different studio in Sønder Stenderup

Billedhugger Flemming Holm og Anni Kristine

Beautiful sculptures made out of granite, bronze and marble in Hjørring

Birte Troest

Gallery with ceramic in Nysted on Lolland

Bjerre Keramik

Visit a gallery with a workshop near Struer

Blokhus Lys

See how candles are manufactured or try it yourselves!


Flowers, decoration and ornamentation near Stubbekøbing on Falster

Blåbjerg Lysstøberi

Use your creativity - dip your own candles in Henne

Blåvand Lys

Dip your own candles!

Bork Havn Lysstøberi

Denmark's smallest candle factory with a large selection

Bousøgaard Pottemageri/Galleri

An active workshop in Skjern with new Danish art and pottery

Brittas Keramik

Workshop in Thyholm with exhibition and sale of the products, which are manufactured her

Bronzeskulpturer Galleri

Near Løkken you can experience interesting bronze art

Bruuns Keramik

An active pottery in Løgstør

Det Blå Hjørne

Tremendously beautiful ornaments in Lønstrup

Det Lille Kunstværksted

In Rudkøbing you will find sculptures, ornaments, pictures and objects, made out of teeth and bones

Dorte Visby Keramik

Experience the expressive pottery in Lønstrup

Dorthe Hansen Keramik

Unique pottery and article for everyday use near Tversted

Dorthe og Ebbe Hjorth - guld- og sølvsmedie

Goldsmith's workshop in scenic nature in Thy

Dot Keramik

Active workshop in Frederikshavn - with flower decorations and pottery

Ejstrup Lys

High quality handmade candels, artware and gift items

Eva Herman Keramik

Beautifully decorated pottery with flower and dune subject in the workshop near Ulfborg

Frøkner og Fruer

– a world of unique details

Frøsig keramik og galleri

Pottery from own workshop - 8 km from Frederikshavn

Fyns Grafiske Værksted

In Odense you can see an exhibition of art, which is created under the same roof

Galerie Erz

Varying exhibitions of paintings, drawings and photos in Skærbæk

Galerie Lærken Danmark

Museum of modern art in Nykøbing Falster

Galleri 63

Handicraft in Ringkøbing

Galleri Alstrup

Art and pottery near Farsø

Galleri Arleth

Gallery near Halskov Vænge

Galleri Borris

Gallery with a view of a river valley near Viborg

Galleri Djurs

Modern gallery in Ryomgård

Galleri Enggaard

Gallery on Fanø with interesting paintings

Galleri Heike Arndt

Interesting and charming gallery with art of a high quality

Galleri KC

Modern paintings and sculptures, international glass art as well as ornaments - in the town Fjerritslev

Galleri Kobolt

Oil paintings and watercolour paintings in beautiful colours near Rudkøbing

Galleri Kvisten

Creative gifts near Aars

Galleri Løkken

The quite unique North Jutland atmosphere - as an oil painting

Galleri Lønstrup

Watercolour paintings with subjects from the west coast

Galleri M

Gallery in Bogense with international graphics and unique art as well as Denmark's largest sculpture park

Galleri Mainsøe

Expressionistic paintings on the spit Sjællands Odde

Galleri Munken

Paintings, sculptures, pottery and music near Løkken

Galleri Møller P.

Pottery, sculptures and oil paintings - south of Fjaltring

Galleri Pagter

Art in Kolding

Galleri Randers

Cosy and inspiring gallery with paintings and sculptures

Galleri Rita Lund

Royal painter in Marstal

Galleri Rubani

Small studio and gallery near Nibe

Galleri Rusager

Amazing sculptures in Søby on the island Ærø

Galleri Rødhusgaarden

Unique art and craft in Rødhus

Galleri Salshus

Beautiful art in untouched nature near Thisted

Galleri Skomagerhuset

Pottery and gallery with traditions in Ringkøbing

Galleri Skovhuset

Interesting gallery in Maribo

Galleri Slugen

Interesting and varying exhibitions in Esbjerg

Galleri Syd

Grand Palais in Nykøbing F - more than 200 paintings and sculptures

Galleri Tex

Cosy meeting place for art lovers near Frøstrup

Galleri Uggerby

Gallery in idyllic surroundings between Hirtshals and Tversted

Galleri Uggerby, Lønstrup

Gallery in Lønstrup's highest building from 1912

Gallery Lakehouse

Gallery in a lakehouse by Bredsten

Getter Keramik

Practical and decorative pottery in Oure

GG Glaskunst

Beautiful glass art and unique glass articles for everyday use near Ribe

Giebelhausen Keramik

Unique decorative art in Lønstrup

Glasblæseriet v. Bente Sonne

Glass factory in Svendborg

Glasgalleriet, Roskilde

From melted glass to handicraft

Glashuset, Lønstrup

Glass factory with the passion of experimenting

Glaskunst Blokhus

Interesting shop and workshop with glass art


Beautiful and unique glass products on Tåsinge

Glaspuster Anne Flohr

Glaspusteriet Møller og Rønholm

Unique glass products and decorative art in idyllic Ebeltoft


Artistic glass in the pedestrian street of Silkeborg

Glasværkstedet Heden

Glass workshop near the mediaeval castle Spøttrup

Granitskulptur, Jens Stobberup

Beautiful figures and sculptures in granite near Struer

Gule Længe Antik

Interesting antiquities in Lønstrup

Havlit Stentøj

Unique specimens and articles for everyday use in Blåvand

Helge Strufe

Experience scenic landscapes - painted with oil - in Harpelunde on Lolland


Pottery and shop near Spøttrup

Hjerm Kunstgalleri

25 years with art in Hjerm near Holstebro


Experience horn spoons and other articles for everyday use, made out of horn, near Lemvig

Huset i Asnæs

Interesting art area

Hvide Sande Lys

Candle factory and shop


Landscape sculptures in the scenic Vejle Ådal


Art - with the island Fur as a source of inspiration

Karin Sauer

Raku pottery of the finest kind in Nykøbing Sj

Keramik og Kaos

Tremendous art exhibition - 8 km from Nykøbing Sjælland

Keramik v/ Catherine Collart

Exceptional pottery with a touch of humour in Saltum

Keramiker Else Rasmussen

Experience a different and unique workshop near Hadsund

Keramiker Sten Børsting

Vases, sculptures and raku of a high quality in Ribe


An exhibition of clay characters and sculptures near Rudkøbing


Pottery workshop near Hjørring with focus on the simple design

Kloster Design

Dip your own candles and pay by weight in the candle factory near Ringkøbing


Pots with a black oxide coating - manufactured according to old traditions in Tim, Western Jutland

Kunstforeningen Pakhuset

Art in an old corn storage room Nykøbing Sj

Kunstgården i Skovby

Permanent and varying art exhibitions in beautiful rooms and surroundings in Bogense


With Kunststuen in Skagen you can experience interesting collages and encaustic paintings


Købmandsgården in Fjerritslev contains article for everyday use, fabrics and accessories for patchwork

Lange Kunsthåndværk

Inspiring handicraft in the middle of Aalborg

Lien Galleri

The Louisiana of Jutland in scenic surroundings near Fjerritslev

Lilli's Glasdesign

Experience 'light' and ingenious handicraft, made out of coloured glass, in Aakirkeby


Secretive leave collages and a fantastic garden i Hurup Thy


Art, handicraft and second-hand dealer in Tversted

Muld Plus Guld

Open workshop with pottery and ornaments in Nykøbing Sj


Art workshop on Ærø with jewellery made of stones from the island, and ingenious paintings

Møhl og Drivsholm Glas

Glass workshop and gallery in the harbour of Ebeltoft

Papirmuseets By

Paper museum in the interesting miniature town in Gråsten

PondCottage Art

Sculpture workshop and gallery in Løkken


Colourful pottery and unique articles for everyday use in Nimtofte


Art gallery and pottery with varying exhibitions in Brovst


The amber museum is situated between Lønstrup and Hjørring

Ravsliberen, Blåvand

Visit the amber grinder 'Ravsliberen i Blåvand' and watch him work

Ravsliberen, Sæby

Amber grindery and museum


Paintings in all price ranges, styles and sizes

Rømø Lys

Quality candles in all the colours of the rainbow

Saltum Smykke og Pibekunst

Ornaments of precious materials

Sandskulpturfestival Søndervig

Experience African wildlife in Søndervig – if you dare!

Skagen Glasværksted

Glass factory in an interesting building


Interesting art and handicraft in Tversted

Stovby Glaspusteri

Observe the work of the glassblower in Væggerløse on Falster


Works of art, created by 30 different artists, near Vejers Strand

Studio Keramik ved Susan Lange

Open workshop and gallery - 10 km from Haderslev

Susanne Lanng

Exquisite jewelry in Gl. Skagen


Perfumed soaps and aromatic salts in Søby on the island Ærø

Sæby Glaspusteri

Glass in the old part of town

TICKON - Land art

Kombiner naturoplevelser med kunst i slotsparken TICKON.

Trillee i Skaven

Colourful artist workshop with flair in Tarm

Trædrejeren fra Fyn

Wood - a wonderful and natural material. Experience the wood turner in Bogense

Tue Keramik Galleri

Potter and weaver - under one roof - in Fårevejle

Ulla Keramik

In Bagenkop you will find one of Lolland's oldest potteries

Venø Billedværksted

Paintings, drawings and pottery - inspired by the nature on the island Venø

Vestjysk Kunstgalleri

Classical and modern art in Esbjerg

Vindelev Kro og Galleri

Pamper your senses in Jelling


Ornaments and felt art near the beach Nymølle Strand

Wilja Bech, Galleri Ærtebjerg

'Airy' watercolour and oil paintings from 'another world' in Grevinge