Buildings, Denmark

In Denmark you can experience fabled castles with interesting architecture and beautiful towers, surrounded by moats with drawbridges. Some castles are open to the public and can be seen on a guided tour or on your own. Often you will find that museums and restaurants have been established on the castles. Furthermore, you can experience noble manor houses, large estates, historic convents, mediaeval castles, castle ruins and old redoubts. The many cathedrals, chapels and other special churches, like f.x. the characteristic round churches in Bornholm, are worth a visit. Many of the idyllic water and windmills have been restored, and when the wind is right, flour is being milled here. Equally, many of the old farms have been brought back to their original state. A part of the lighthouses, water towers and belvederes today house interesting exhibitions. Furthermore, you can experience sculptures, which are many metres high and are visible from a distance of many kilometres.

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Buildings, Denmark

Arreskov Slot

The beautiful, red castle is very scenically situated in Faaborg

Augustenborg Slot

Experience the impressive castle with an interesting history

Augustenborg Slotskirke

A quite unique and very beautifully decorated chapel

Aulum Mølle

Beautiful mill with varying art exhibitions in the mill of Aulum

Blåvandshuk Fyr

Beautiful lighthouse on Denmark's most western point

Bovbjerg Fyr

The beautiful, red lighthouse is the landmark of Bovbjerg


Very scenically situated estate near Assens with a beautiful manor house park

Brahetrolleborg Slot

Visit the rhododendron park by the historic castle near Faaborg

Clausholm Slot

The historic castle in Hadsten is one of Denmark's oldest and most characteristic baroque buildings

Cloostårnet Bangsbo

The landmark of Frederikshavn

Damgård Mølle

Octagonal Dutch windmill from 1867 in Rødekro

Den Lille Havfrue

At Langelinie in Copenhagen you will find one of Denmark's most significant tourist attractions

Den Tilsandede Kirke

The church, buried in sand, near Skagen is a famous natural sight

Dragsholm Slot

Combination of a mediaeval and a baroque castle in Hørve

Egeskov Mølle

Beautiful mill with regional exhibitions in Kværndrup

Elstrup Mølle

A beautiful Dutch mill with a museum near Nordborg

Esbjerg Vandtårn

An exhibition about water towers and a unique view

Esrum Kloster

In Græsted you can experience a Cistercian monastery from the Middle Ages

Europas Højeste Solur

12 metres high sundial in Nordborg on Als

Faddersbøl Mølle

Dutch mill from 1861 near Thisted

Faaborg Klokketårn

The bell tower is the landmark of Faaborg

Gavnø Slot

Gavnø for everyone!

Gedesby Mølle

Denmark's most southerly Dutch mill near Gedser on Falster

Gedser Vandtårn

The beautiful, yellow water tower is the southernmost in Denmark

Gl. Kongsgård

Experience a nearly intact copyhold farm from app. 1700 in Lejre

Gram Slot

Splendid castle from the 16th century

Grubbe Mølle

Old mill with an idyllic location - close to Faaborg

Gråsten Slot

Royal castle with a church and a park

Haderslev Domkirke

A unique monument of Gothic cathedral construction art in Denmark

Hagenskov Slot

Mediaeval estate near Ebberup in the western part of Funen

Hals Museum og Skanse

Hals Skanse is situated by the mouth of the Liim Fiord

Harridslevgaard Slot

Beautiful and historical Renaissance castle with an octagonal stair turret near Bogense

Havnø Mølle

Idyllically situated and beautifully restored windmill near Hadsund

Herregården Baggesvogn

Historic manor house and old beech forest in the middle of northern Jutland

Herregården Bratskov

Beautiful old and well-maintained manor house near Brovst

Hirtshals Fyr

35 metres high lighthouse


Interesting bunker near Lemvig

Hvedholm Slot

Castle from the Middle Ages in Faaborg

Hvide Sande Sluseanlæg

The lock system of Hvide Sande - worth a visit!

Jels Mølle

The mill 'Jels Mølle' is situated in a scenic area in Rødding in Central/South Jutland

Kaleko Mølle

Experience Denmark's oldest functioning watermill in Faaborg

Kegnæs Fyrtårn

Lighthouse from 1845 on Als


Abbey church from the 15th century in Nykøbing F

Knivholt Hovedgård

Manor house from the 14th century in Frederikshavn

Krengerup Slot

A castle in the scenic forest Krengerup Skov near Glamsbjerg

Kronborg Slot

In Northern Sealand you can experience one of Scandinavia's most significant Renaissance castles

Ledreborg Slot og Park

One of Denmark's most romantic castles is situated near Lejre

Lumsås Mølle

Functional Dutch windmill in Nykøbing Sj

Lyngvig Fyr

Impressive lighthouse from the year 1906 in Hvide Sande

Marselisborg Slot og Park

Beautiful castle from 1902 with an adjoining park in Århus

Mennesket ved Havet

The 9 metres high sculptures are the landmark of Esbjerg

Nyker Rundkirke

The smallest of the round churches of Bornholm in Rønne

Nylars Rundkirke

The youngest and best preserved round church of Bornholm in Aakirkeby

Nysted Vandtårn

Old water tower in Nysted on Lolland with a magnificent view

Olsker Rundkirke

The highest and slimmest of the round churches of Bornholm in Allinge

Pibe Mølle

Sealand’s only post mill - near Helsinge

Ribe Domkirke

Denmark's oldest cathedral is located in Denmark's oldest town

Ribe Kloster

One of Denmark's best-preserved monasteries

Rosenholm Slot

Experience the noble, well-preserved and beautiful castle in Hornslet

Roskilde Domkirke

The burial place, preferred by aristocracy

Rubjerg Knude Fyr

A lighthouse - haunted by the sand drift - near Løkken

Sct. Catharinæ Kirke og Klostergården

Abbey church in Ribe

Sdr. Broby Vandmølle

Old water mill in Broby with modern flats

Skagen Fyr

Lighthouse from the year 1558

Skjern Vindmølle

Windmill with different cultural activities

Skt. Knuds Kirke - Odense Domkirke

Elegant cathedral with a golden altarpiece in Odense

Sophiendals Gods

Noble castle in Renaissance style in Skanderborg

Sostrup Slot

Idyllic castle near Grenaa

Stouby Mølle

Running post mill in Væggerløse on Falster

Sønderborg Slot

Beautiful renaissance castle with lots of history

Sønderho Mølle

The beautiful old mill is the landmark of Sønderho, Fanø

Sønderskov Herregård

Manor house, museum and gourmet restaurant near Brørup, in the centre of the country

Thorsager Kirke

Jutland's only round church

Tranekær Slotsmølle

Windmill from the year 1846 on Langeland

Trente Mølle

Old watermill with an interesting past in Broby in the centre of Funen

Tørning Mølle

Tørning Mølle near Vojens offers an interesting history, old buildings, waterpower and exhibitions

Uhre Mølle

Dutch windmill from about 1840 near Brande

Valdemars Slot

Historical castle with 4 museums on the lovely island of Tåsinge

Vejle Vindmølle

Windmill from the year 1890

Vennebjerg Mølle

A windmill with a lovely view near Hjørring

Viborg Domkirke

Cathedral with a crypt as well as paintings by the artist Skovgaard

Vindeby Mølle

225-years old Dutch windmill near Horslunde on Lolland


A quite unique lighthouse in Skagen

Vitskøl Kloster

Interesting monastery from the year 1157 near Ranum

Voergård Slot

One of Denmark's finest and best preserved Renaissance castles near Dronninglund


Funen castle on its own peninsular

Øster Sundby Mølle

Dutch mill near Aalborg

Østerlars Rundkirke

The largest of the round churches of Bornholm in Gudhjem

Aalborg Tårnet

Enjoy the view of Aalborg - 105 metres above sea level

Aarhus Domkirke

Experience the cathedral - one of the oldest brick buildings in Jutland!