Skaarupøre Vineyard - welcome to our fairytale

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Skaarupøre Vineyard - welcome to our fairytale 

To step into the farmyard of Skaarupøre Vinyard is like moving into another world, with the old farmhouse on one side and the huge wine barrel that has been turned into a shop and meeting place, on the other. In the farmhouse live the couple, who make the wine, Bente and Carsten. They will welcome you on a guided tour of their vineyards and a wine tasting on the long bench in wine barrel. Bente and Carsten will animatedly tell on how they started the vineyard, and what it is like to be a wine producer in Denmark - an exciting fairytale.


Address Skårupørevej 28
5881 Skårup Fyn
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Longitude: 55.0784345
Latitude: 10.698228999

Skaarupøre Vineyard - welcome to our fairytale

Address Skårupørevej 28 
5881 Skårup Fyn
T 61 26 03 68