Restaurant Fyrtøjet

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The kitchen closes at 21:00
The kitchen closes at 21:00Restaurant Fyrtøjet, ‘The Tinder Box’ in Nyhavn, has a stylish atmosphere with a ‘scent’ of Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale story The Tinder Box.

The world renowned Hans Christian Andersen lived most of his life as a writer in Nyhavn, and Restaurant Fyrtøjet is inspired by his fairy tale universe.

The restaurant serves homemade delicious Danish food of hight quality - like classical warm dishes, open faced sandwiches, and the incredibly popular Danish tapas buffet with 30 different small dishes.

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Address Nyhavn 11
1051 København K
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Longitude: 55.6806166
Latitude: 12.588817599

Restaurant Fyrtøjet

Address Nyhavn 11 
1051 København K
T +45 32 10 31 32