Johannes Larsen og Fritz Syberg

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In autumn 2006 on Nordre Kirkerist, at the side of the parish church, a statue of the two great artists  of the town, Johannes Larsen (1867-1961) and Fritz Syberg (1862-1939), created by local sculptor Bjørn Nordahl, was unveiled.

Johannes Larsen and Fritz Syberg both belonged to the Funen School of painters, which achieved their true artistic breakthrough in Denmark at the beginning of the 1900s. When Fritz Syberg moved to Kerteminde, where Johannes Larsen already lived, the town became a driving artistic force in Denmark for a couple of decades.
Both artists are very well represented at the Johannes Larsen Museum in Kerteminde.


Address Nordre Kirkerist
5300 Kerteminde
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Longitude: 55.449317
Latitude: 10.658241

Johannes Larsen og Fritz Syberg

Address Nordre Kirkerist 
5300 Kerteminde