Nature trail "Fodsporet"

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Nature trail "Fodsporet" is a green path through the beautiful countryside of southwest Zealand. It is used by happy nature lovers, cyclists and joggers of all ages. The trail is 51 km long and connects Slagelse in Nord Næstved in the south and Skælskør in the West. Once there was a railway line, but now it's going in nature trail road with bicycle-friendly asphalt and natural experiences.
Along the route there are many facilities such as. natural playgrounds and sheltercamps


Address Herluf Trollesvej 44
4200 Slagelse
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Longitude: 55.405584
Latitude: 11.335641

Nature trail "Fodsporet"

Address Herluf Trollesvej 44 
4200 Slagelse
T 70252206