Horse back ridning in the Forest of Rold

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Riding in the forest of Rold with a guide

Short trip in Hesselholt Forest, circa 8 km / 1 ½ hour: 250,- DKK per person

Long ride between Arden and Stor Økssø, circa 12 km / circa 3 1/2 hours: 400,- DKK per person.

All-day trip, Store Økssø, Lille Blåkilde, Ravnkilde, Rebild Bakker and more incl. breaks and catering, circa 30 km/ 7 hours: 900,- DKK per person.


Horse-drawn Carriage

For instance: from Arden to Store Økssø with different attractions on the way and a break at Store Økssø where you can enjoy your lunch. The tour can be arranged furthermore, and is either by night-time or on the weekends.

2 hours: 1800,- DKK per carriage, with room for 10 people.


Notice: You have to book these tours, it is not possible to just show up.

Jytte Sigfredsen, Birkesøvej 15, 9510 Arden

Tlf. +45 2485 6314


Address Birkevej 15, Arden
9510 Arden
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Horse back ridning in the Forest of Rold

Address Birkevej 15, Arden 
9510 Arden
T 24856314