Hornbjerggaards Billedgalleri

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The gallery is located in an old red four-winged farm in the middle of landscapes filled with burial mounds from the Bronze Age.

The gallery displays an exhibition of Eva's own works; a result of the work with pictural forms of expression of the landscapes, animals, portraits etc. in Odsherred which has lead to amusing expressionistic and colourful paintings and graphic works.

Come in, sit down, enjoy the merry pictures and get your spirits up.

Outside the opening hours it is possible to make an appointment to see the pictures on: +45 59 65 25 03


Address Dybedalsvej 40
4550 Asnæs
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Facilities and topics

Visual art


Longitude: 55.815886
Latitude: 11.527294

Hornbjerggaards Billedgalleri

Address Dybedalsvej 40 
4550 Asnæs
T 59 65 25 03