Ole Olsens - Burial Chamber

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The burial chamber of Ole Olsen was established by the film pioneer and creator of "Nordisk film", Ole Olsen, (1863-1943).

The bronze age mound in Høve was dug out by Ole Olsen together with the National Museum in 1935, and with permission of the authorities, a burial chamber for the urns of Ole Olsen, his wife and close relatives was established.

The burial chamber contains only urns, no artefacts or other valuables.The burial chamber is not open to the public.

According to the stipulations of Ole Olsen, the Burial Chamber will be closed and sealed by the National Museum 10 years after the last family member's urn has been placed. After that, the burial chamber will be maintained by the National Museum.


Address Høvevej 57
4550 Asnæs
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Ole Olsens - Burial Chamber

Address Høvevej 57 
4550 Asnæs