Overby - Sj. Odde

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Driving directions: Drive from the "Oddenvejen" by Præstestræde and further by Smedestræde. Here there is a small parking area by the water. To the right there are really fine possibilities of catching sea trout all the way up and further round Søndervang.

Fish species and season: Flatfish can be caught the whole year.
Sea trout can also be caught the whole year, but especially in autumn. Garfish in May.

Bottom conditions: On most of the spots waders are not necessary.

Weather conditions: It is good to fish here under all wind conditions except hard winds from west and south-west which will cause very muddy water.


Address Overby, Sj. Odde, Smedestræde
4583 Sjællands Odde
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Longitude: 55.95229384
Latitude: 11.403047695

Overby - Sj. Odde

Address Overby, Sj. Odde, Smedestræde 
4583 Sjællands Odde
T 59 91 08 88