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Driving directions: Drive from Nakke by Nakke Østvej about 1 kilometre. Then turn by Nakke Hagevej and drive onwards until the road stops by a large parking lot.  Here it is possible to fish in both directions.

Fish species and season: Sea trout (especially in autumn)
Flatfish can be caught the whole year. Garfish in May. Mullets can be caught in summer and early autumn. Only hard ice winters will stop the fishing.

Bottom conditions: Southwards from the parking lot  there are small points, a bathing jetty, eelgrass and bladder wrack.
Waders are an advantage.

Northwards from the parking ground there are small points and deep water inshore.  Here are waders not necessary.


Address Nakkehage, Nakkehagevej
4500 Nykøbing Sj
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Longitude: 55.902874576
Latitude: 11.745648287


Address Nakkehage, Nakkehagevej 
4500 Nykøbing Sj
T 59 91 08 88