Arreskov Lake - Sollerup Wood

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Arreskov Lake is the largest lake on Fyn. The lake is surrounded by woods and marsby areas covered in reeds. The lake is shallow and has an area of 317 ha. Its deepest point is 3.7 m. There are natural springs at the bottom of the lake - around 15 % of the water that flows into the lake.

Sollerup Skov (woods) covers an undulating stretch of landscape and contains a variety of old and young trees, both deciduous and coniferous. The rislebækken stream has carved an attractive gorge around Helvedeshule (the hellhole).


Address Sollerup/Arreskov
5600 Faaborg
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Longitude: 55.150824
Latitude: 10.300884

Arreskov Lake - Sollerup Wood

Address Sollerup/Arreskov 
5600 Faaborg