Brændegård Sø

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One of the biggest colonies of Cormorants in Northern Europe lives around Brændegård Lake. It is best to observe these distinctive birds in the spring, when the colony is at its most active. The cormorants fly in from the south in February/March, and leave the area in August/September. As Cormorant droppings are corrosive, many of the nesting trees have died. However the droppings also contain a high level of nutrients, which leech into the waters of the lake. Brændegård Lake is very shallow and is therefore a good habitat for birds other than the cormorant. You might even spot a white-tailed eagle.


Address Brændegård Sø
5600 Faaborg
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Longitude: 55.129135
Latitude: 10.381514

Brændegård Sø

Address Brændegård Sø 
5600 Faaborg