Finderup Church

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The original church was built of raw granite boulders, the corners were built of big monastery stones.

In 1791 the church was extended as the chamberlain Friderich Schinkel wanted his own private mortuary.

- The altarpiece is originally from the renaissance
- The painting is a copy of Carl Bloch's "Christ's resurrection"
- Woodcut motives of Jesus childhood
- Roman font of granite
- Late Gothic crucifix Christ figure
- The hymn board are original
- Building style: Late Roman


Address Finderupvej 120
8800 Viborg
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Village church


Longitude: 56.412247
Latitude: 9.287798

Finderup Church

Address Finderupvej 120 
8800 Viborg
T 86 64 70 40