Skt Hans Aften at the Port office in Faaborg

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Faaborg Harbour, Det Hvide Pakhus and SpiseHuset invite Wednesday 23 June to St. Hans Evening.

At the port office, a fire is lit at approximately 9 p.m.
Bonfire speech by the director of the Archipelago Museum, Peter Thor Andersen.

It is played up to the Midsummer Song, by the Post, the Pilot & the Pianist before the grim witch flies to Bloksbjerg.

There will be free pancake baking for children at the port office from 20:00 organized by Faaborg Amateur Fishing Association.

Det Hvide Pakhus - Evening open from 17.30

Spisehuset - Evening open from 17.00


Address Faaborg Havn
5600 Faaborg
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Longitude: 55.093670204
Latitude: 10.238693941

Skt Hans Aften at the Port office in Faaborg

Address Faaborg Havn 
5600 Faaborg