Boattour, dolphin and Svendborg Habour

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We get into the big orange RIB boat (big rubber boat) and cruise through Svendborgsund, where we might see a guinea pig or the dolphin Yoda - the guest from Scotland. This trip is in every way full of experiences: In nature and on the water. With Ø-cruise we will experience the shallow waters of the archipelago, where other boats can not access. But our guide knows the archipelago as his own pocket and the RIB-boat can go were others cannot. At noon we will find a small island, get lunch, mainly made of local and organic ingredients. There will be time to swim and visit the islands.



Address Vindebyørevej 31 B, Tåsinge Nicus Nature
5700 Svendborg
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Water sports


Longitude: 55.05410903
Latitude: 10.62998378

Boattour, dolphin and Svendborg Habour

Address Vindebyørevej 31 B, Tåsinge Nicus Nature
5700 Svendborg
T +45 3030 1333