Wichmann Optik

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At Nyt Syn, we take your vision seriously. Approx. 80% of your total sensory impressions come from the eyes. Whether you need glasses or lenses, we will find out after a 360 ° Vision analysis. With us, professionalism is paramount. Therefore, you should also expect to set aside time for a thorough eye examination.

Of course, we also have all the exciting brands from the most talented eyewear designers and the big fashion houses in the store. But we do not compromise on quality. All our suppliers have undergone strict selection requirements.


Address Kattesundet 4
5700 Svendborg
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Longitude: 55.05938888
Latitude: 10.6092277

Wichmann Optik

Address Kattesundet 4 
5700 Svendborg
T +45 62 22 30 01