The Fishing Lodge Karrebæksminde

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The café Fiskerlejet is located on the Enø side, by the canal. The place exudes warmth and atmosphere and has a beautiful view.

When you visit Fiskerlejet, you will be greeted by smiling and very service-minded staff. You can bring your own food, but beverages must be purchased; your options include good draught beer, wine and coffee. You can also bring your dog as long as it is on a leash.

Fiskerlejet in Karrebæksminde is a place where you can feel the waves created by big ships as they silently sail through the canal while you enjoy the view from the terrace. It’s also a place where you can experience life on the canal: looking at the many sailboats, watching the Grasshopper-shaped bridge Græshoppebroen open and close to let boats through, and observing the rich and varied bird life.

Fiskerlejet has a unique concept: during the summer it organises various events, including live music on the terrace from a range of artists who are paid exclusively in tips from the guests.

It’s a place that’s definitely worth visiting!


Address Ved Broen 9
4736 Karrebæksminde
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Facilities and topics

Dogs allowed
Outdoor seating
Reception rooms


Longitude: 55.17728241
Latitude: 11.65048929

The Fishing Lodge Karrebæksminde

Address Ved Broen 9 
4736 Karrebæksminde
T 23673232