Fishingspot at Stinesminde

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A scenic pearl with a small number of houses and an idyllic dinghy harbor, once a bustling ferry terminal to Mariager many years ago. Stinesminde offers a good variety in the fjord bed consisting of sand clam banks in an area and few rocks. From the harbor and eastward the waters are shallow, while the waters west of the harbor are deeper.

The accessibility of the fishing spot: ***

*** Easy to access

**   Manageable to access

*     Difficult to access


Address Fiskepladsen ved Stinesminde
9560 Hadsund
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Longitude: 56.67097
Latitude: 9.97089

Fishingspot at Stinesminde

Address Fiskepladsen ved Stinesminde 
9560 Hadsund
T +4570271377