The Schnapps Route

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A tasteful journey of discovery - Schnapps Route!

The Schnapps Route is a term that speaks to both the imagination, taste buds. Not only a route around the Limfjord, but also an excursion at every location.

With views of the fjord and sea, the route leads you past a large number of the Limfjord's historical sites, nature areas and family attractions. 

There are many exciting opportunities for holiday and weekend stays, on the Schnapps Route. On the route, there are specially selected local inns and hotels, to help you enjoy and discover the Schnapps Route.

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Address Jernbanegade 29
7700 Thisted
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Longitude: 56.95277981
Latitude: 8.68789442

The Schnapps Route

Address Jernbanegade 29 
7700 Thisted