Inlet, fields and forest surround the holiday houses by Sennels. The scenic and undulating area is situated 7 km north of the commercial town Thisted. The village has a church, a cosy square, a playground, a green area with old fruit trees and grocery stores. Thisted offers good shopping possibilities and more restaurants. More relics in the shape of long barrows, grave mounds and stone-age village can be seen in the area. Sennels is an ideal holiday destination for anglers, culturally interested persons, bird enthusiasts and nature lovers.


It is possible to swim in the broad 'Thisted Bredning' by Sennels. 14 km towards north, by the way of two dams, you will find a really good Liim Fiord bathing beach with coarse sand and stones by Amtoft. A bathing jetty is also available on the beach. If you wish to experience the wide and white sandy beach of the North Sea, the beach of Agger Tange is situated only 23 km from Sennels. The beach is about 100 metres wide and consists of both sand and stones. The water is clear and the bottom is sandy with rocks. The beach has the Blue Flag. You will find good bathing and sunbathing opportunities as the many groynes shelter the beach. However, the water is deep with occasional waves and currents.


Sennels is surrounded by the Liim Fiord and a hilly terrain with 'Hov Dås' as the highest point (46 m). The plantation 'Sennels Plantage' from 1884 lies in the forest 'Sennels Skov', just north of the holiday house area. 'Arup Vejle', a part of the nature reserve 'Vejlerne', is a dyked area with forest of reeds, salt meadows and a rich bird life. 'Vejlerne' is Northern Europe's larges bird sanctuary with wild birds, and you can follow the bird life from the marked paths or the bird gazeboes of the wetlands. By the hillside towards the inlet by Hovsør, a few km north of Sennels, you can enjoy the scenic view of the inlet and the Hov dam. The plantation 'Knudsbjerg Plantage' is situated right by the water and has a quite unique vegetation. In the plantation 'Østerild Plantage' you can experience the great view of the inlet 'Tømmerby Fjord' and the ford 'Vesløs Vejle' from the bird gazebo at the spot.


Anglers will find good opportunities in the Liim Fiord as well as in the lakes, streams and Put & Take fishponds of the area. Golf players can try out the courses by the nearby clubs: 'Nordvestjysk Goldklub' in Thisted (7 km), 'Han Herred Golfklub' by Fjerritslev (38 km) and 'Åbybro Golfklub' (69 km). The shore opposite Sennels also offers good conditions for windsurfers.

Worth a visit

The area, surrounding Sennels, is rich in cultural relics. You can see traces of flint mines by around the ridge, close to Hov. By 'Hov Dås' you will find a long mound and by 'Sennels Dås' you can experience a long barrow, from which the chamber has been removed. On 'Knudsbjerg' a stone-age village is situated. By Vesløs, app. 20 km towards east, you can see the castle mounds 'Helledis'. By 'Højstrup', a couple of km north of here, lies a viking burial place, which consists of 37 small round and oblong high stones as well as about 70 raised stones. Thisted offers shops, restaurants, galleries, potteries, the church of Thisted and Thisted Museum, which has been established in an old, private villa and shows a memorial room in the honour of the writer J. P. Jacobsen as well as exhibitions about the peasant culture of Thy and the story of Thisted (7 km).

Excursion spots

In the cosy village Øsløs you can experience the well-preserved farmhouses from the 19th century. Among these is the childhood home of the writer Johan Skjoldborg, and today a museum has been established in this house (21 km towards east). Visit the lighthouse 'Hanstholm Fyr' and the bunker museum of Hanstholm, which informs you of World War II (27 km). In the aquarium 'Nordsøakvariet' in Vorupør you can experience fish and marine animal, which have been caught by the local fishermen. Vorupør Museum is established in the old boatyard and displays the historical background for Vorupør and the special lifestyle of the coastal population (30 km). The flower park 'Jesperhus Blomsterpark' also offers a jungle zoo and a play land. The park is one of the largest of its kind in Scandinavia (44 km). The open-air museum 'Hjerl Hede Frilandsmuseum' near Vinderup is an interesting and lifelike museum for the whole family. See how the daily life in the country 150 years ago is vitalized (82 km).



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