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Map for Lundo In Lundø you will find fresh and clean nature, a rich bird life and lots of water. The peninsular Lundø is a narrow and level tongue in the south-eastern corner of the Liim Fiord. The peninsular terminates in a long spit with a rich bird life.
In Lundø you can still experience the old, whitewashed buildings and the hipped, thatched roofs. The peninsular is an ideal holiday destination if you wish to surf, fish or enjoy nature as well as the bird and animal life on the locality.
It is possible to buy groceries in Lundø. In Skive, 15 km south-west of Lundø, you will find good cultural offers, more restaurants and rich shopping possibilities.

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On both sides of the peninsular an app. 20 m wide and all together 10 km long beach is available. It consists of sand and small rocks, and the water is clear. The water is also shallow and therefore the beach is suitable for children. A bathing jetty enables you to jump into the water as well.


Lundø has a number of small pine plantations.
The peninsular terminates in a kilometre long stone reef 'Jelse Odde', and it is possible to walk on the reef at low water and in this way experience the shores of the Liim Fiord from the seaward side. Resting birds inhabit the uttermost part of the spit, and often it is possible to spot seals here. From the spit you can enjoy the view of the coves and bays of the Liim Fiord, like f.x. Salling, Astrup Vig and Louns.
Towards east Lundø borders towards a large EU bird sanctuary with i.a. water bird, swans and ducks.


The inlet offers good surf conditions. Anglers can fish directly from the shore or on the inlet from a boat.
Golf players have good opportunities in the area, where it is possible to try out the courses of the 'Skive Golfklub' (15 km), 'Hjarbæk Fjord Golf Klub' in Skals (23 km) or `Harre Vig Golfklub¿ in Roslev (31 km).
Lovely experiences await you in the unique nature between the broad 'Louns Bredning' and the inlet 'Skive Fjord'.

Worth a visit

Visit the scenically situated Skive, which is rich in museums and galleries. Here you will also find a charming marina, a cosy pedestrian street as well as good shopping possibilities and more restaurants (15 km).
The old manor house 'Stårupgaard' and the convent 'Ørslev Kloster' are also worth a visit.
The lime pit 'Mønsted Kalkgruber' by Stoholm is an endless labyrinth of 2 km illuminated mine corridors with both large caves and narrow galleries (25 km).
Visit the home of the poet Jeppe Aakjær 'Jenle' by Breum. Here you can see the poet's workroom as well as varying exhibitions (29 km).

Excursion spots

The open-air museum 'Hjerl Hede Frilandsmuseum' near Vinderup is an interesting and lifelike museum for the whole family. See among other things how the daily life in the country 150 years ago is vitalized (37 km).
The flower park 'Jesperhus Blomsterpark' on the Liim Fiord island Mors is the largest flower park in Scandinavia with colourful flower arrangements, jungle zoo with i.a. beautiful tropical birds, pirate and play land as well as water world with various activities (43 km).
The scenically situated stone age centre 'Stenaldercentret' in Ertebølle describes the nature in and around Ertebølle 6-7,000 years ago as well as the life of the people in this environment. Among other things finds from a stone age kitchen midden are displayed here. A reconstructed village shows what the huts of that time looked like (44 km).

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Holiday home 34-1015 Lundo
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100 m to water
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Holiday home 34-1016 Lundo
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4 evaluations in the
100 m to water
Inlet view from the home
47 qm
2 bedrooms
4 beds
1 toilet
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